Monday, April 11, 2016


Okay, general email first since I kinda forgot about that last week. 

This week was funny. A great week too! Okay, mostly yesterday was funny. It was election day. Weird day. Weird weird weird. So Marìa Elena while coming down her stairs when we went to her house after not finding anybody at all home all morning (So much walking, so much sun!), was chanting, Keiko Keiko Keiko! Before she saw us, I responded, we don't vote! She realized it was us and laughed. Our dueña (the same one who sat on a glass pane the other day) was trying to fix her broom with a knife and dropped the knife. I don't know how she manages to not hurt herself. She's such a funny lady. So nice though. :)

Then we tried to go find a less active in Primavera 2 (still caring for two areas here- way to keep me working President! Well, she said she didn't have time because she was about to go vote (surprise surprise) AND was making lunch. Okay. Well, then she got locked out of her apartment, and locked in the gate. She was stuck. And couldn't do either. Part of my five year old self (okay this is really mean) inside laughed a bit thinking, well, that's what you get for saying no to the missionaries. But then I actually felt really bad for her, and kinda concerned that her stove was on inside her apartment. We passed by later and everything seemed fine. 

We taught Enrique. I guess Estefanìa isn't going to California this week because he said she didn't clear it with him first. Haha. She'll get there though, I think... Enrique was asking us if it's a sin to get remarried since he's divorced, because his son was saying so (he's from a different church). So we had a bit of explaining the purpose of God is giving us exaltation and how he needs to get sealed for that to happen. But both us, his daughter, and his girlfriend are all trying to get him to go to church. Just listen to the women in your life! We have a a point. He's just an awkward person though, so it made a weird day just a bit weirder. Then we had a lesson, and our pensionista came with us, and then left in middle of the lesson, and RETURNED. I was so confused. It was just an odd day. It made me happy.

We met the best member reference ever this week. Karina! Marìa Elena contacted her in a park with Hermana Diana and we passed by and did some major testifying. And she said she'll be baptized in May. We also taught her later in the week lesson one, and she started reading the Book of Mormon the second it was in her hands. We were sitting there like, wait, keep listening to us! Okay, I guess you can read the prophets' words... Uh... But we did manage to finish the lesson, and even though she had some typical first lesson doubts, like Joseph Smith seeing God and Christ, she loved it, and is excited to read and pray. :)

Hey, another weird thing. I had a dream last night with President Uchtdorf and Elder Bednar. (They're my favorites.) Well, Elder Bednar was giving sandwiches to some really hungry kids. And then the hungry kids shared with some other kids who were literally starving. So random. Then President Uchdorf (just remember this is just a dream, but it made me happy). spoke, and he was saying the keeping a journal helps us triumph over trials. It had some cool alliteration, and I woke up repeating that phrase in my brain. Well, I must have written in my journal right before going to bed! :D

Aside from that, I've sung twice at zone things this week. I think they have some obsession with my voice or something. I really don't sing THAT well. And I'm not the only one who sings. My companion sings too.

Okay, well, I don't know what end of the mission reflections I maybe should add, so I'm just going to leave it as a normal letter home. It's been a great week, and I'm working to the end! Have a great week, love you all, see you in some days or weeks depending on who you are. ;)

Hermana Brogan

Monday, April 4, 2016

All's well. There is next week.....

I'm alive and well. And ran out of time. Woops! Sorry, I'll write home next week. Two accepted baptismal invitations, conference was great, and Estefanía, less active is moving to CA. To Fresno! How cool!

Have a great week! Love you all!