Monday, November 16, 2015

Prayers, please!

Okay, short and sweet on your side, then mine too. It really just
because we kinda delayed writing today until we have very little time.
So this week in short.

I have a hard time communicating and defending my opinions in Spanish.
Sometimes makes the companionship complicated. But we're still going.
Nobody is progressing. We're also going to refocus on menos activos
because if we don't get church attendance up by the end of December,
they're going to make the branch into a family group, and they'll lose
rights to a chapel. Also, we're dropping basically all our
investigators minus like three or four. And starting over. Joy. Gotta
love Otuzco. It's got a very set culture, and it's a bit hard. Prayers
please! :)

Now for the good (mostly random funny stories, and a bit about Kati).
With permission from President Marler, we get to call Kati. I'm
basically her best friend since I'm the only missionary who went to
every single one of her citas. But I called her and she was overjoyed
to hear from me last night. She told me she's found the elders, asked
me how to talk to them (like she talks to us), and told me she's found
the chapel now and is planning on going. Woo!

On Monday we were teasing little Alisson about marriage. She told us
she wasn't getting married for a long time (She's 6). So my companion
says, well then, at 18. Alisson says, Yes. I'll get married then. She
thinks that's so old. It's so cute.

We're going to have to drop Elkin. He just wants to be our friend, but
he doesn't keep any of his committments.

Elder Lagrava bought a recorder. He plays it all the time. We went to
Josefina's chacra last week, and Elder Lagrava was playing it on a
mountain. No big deal. It's bright green, and cracks me up. So he,
Elder Jensen, and I did the musical number in sacrament meeting. With
the flute. Lucky I didn't crack up.

Joke: Why was the computer cold? The windows were opened.

My companion broke our mirror this week on accident. This is the
second time in my mission we've broken a mirror. Why?

On Friday we contacted this lady and so she told us to come into her
corral to visit her. She has one donkey, one baby pig, and one turkey.
The turkey was soooo flippin mad we were there. Then it chased me
around her little yard. So I jumepd into where the donkey was. Luckily
the donkey didn't care. And the lady put the turkey's rope around a
brick so it couldn't get to me. It was terrifying and hilarious.
Turkeys are weird. And I saw a firefly for the first time in my life last night. It was
so cool! It made me super happy!

Aaaand, that's about it. I love you all! Have a great week!

Also, I love handwritten letters even though I never respond. Sister
Erskine is the best, and I always get letters from her! They make me
super happy! So thanks to her. And mom, I got the December package.
Now I'm hoping I don't have transfers because I don't want to carry it
to a whole new area. It's huge!! But I'm suuper excited for Christmas
season! Also, could someone be kind enough to tell me what day is

Hermana Brogan

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