Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Belated Birthday, Rhett.

So world, I suppose I should announce the birthday of my wonderful
brother Rhett, Happy belated birthday!

So this week was another interesting one. The elders had another
baptism. They told me the same morning I was going to give the first
talk. Good thing I've been a missionary for a year and can come up
with something. But I'm not that exciting of a public speaker in
Spanish todavía.

My pensionista interpreted a dream I had with a  bunch of
cowboys-chacra workers, and a  bunch of refugees. She only told me it
means I'll meet someone very interesting. I was cracking up as she
listened to my crazy dream. I have a lot of weird dreams actually.
It's always fun to see what my subconscious comes up with.

We visited Lucía, and there was a turkey.  It didn't chase me too
much. It just puffed up it's feathers every time I looked at it.
Another day  in the street a Turkey started chasing us. We used our
umbrellas as a shield as we ran away. Why are turkeys scarier than

And I had a pretty powerful lesson with a widower where I told him
very boldly that he can be together with his family for forever, but only 
through covenants, and that he has to make them in the true
church, which is ours. And I don't know what else. I  felt the Spirit
pretty strong in that lesson. It was cool. I normally have a different
teaching style, so I know the Spirit was talking through me. :)

That's really about it though. We have interviews tomorrow, so I'll be
going down to Trujillo. Woo.

Have a great week!
Keep writing!

Hermana Brogan

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