Thursday, December 3, 2015


So my week. We had interviews with President Marler. It was a pretty interesting day. He helped my companion and I be good friends again, but he also promised me transfers. So I'm being transferred to Primavera (the mission office is in my chapel). My companion is Hermana Maydana, from Bolivia. I've heard all good things about her. Talking to Hermana Hernandez (a sister from my very first area in the mission), was in my area just a little bit ago, and told me it's kinda pituco (compared to Otuzco, I'm sure I'll feel like I've gone back tot he states), and that everyone there are super wonderful. So I'm excited!

This week, Otilio started reading his Book of Mormon every day. He's starting to understand prayer a bit better. He has the steps down, now he just has to start changing what he says each time. He was going to come to church, but that never happened. We had a lesson where his cousin started talking to him while we were teaching. Ouch. But they just don't really understand the concept of receiving lessons here. 

For Thanksgiving, we just had a normal day. I didn't even tell my pensionista. But then Amelia decided to give us paneton and hot chocolate, so we had a dinner with the elders, their convert, Richard, Presidente Olidon, and Amelia and her daughter. So that was pretty cool. :)

We had activities with the branch all week this week. We played soccer one night. Now, let's slow this one down. I played soccer. I did. And I didn't run away from the ball. And I scored two goals. Wait a minute... this isn't me. How weird. It was super fun actually!
We had a talent show.I sang. We also did a skit with Christ and his disciples with the relief society. I was Christ. My companion was Judas. It was hilarious. Maybe I'll explain the skit one day.
My companion and I ran it, so we told a ton of jokes in between numbers. It was great.:)
Then Saturday we went on paseo, and went to the chacra of Hermana Esther. It was super pretty and way fun. Especially throwing dogs in their pond, and singing and playing ukulele, and just going there. 

On Sunday Elder (now President) Fackrell and his wife came and spoke for our branch. (He was one of the senior missionaries, but got called to be 2nd counselor to President Marler). He gave a super good, focused talk to help the branch be stronger. He wants them to be more focused on the Spirit and on the temple, and to especially keep the Sabbath day. 

We also had a bit of a miracle that Consuelo came to church again, and stayed all three hours. (MA). This is her third time coming to church, but first time in two transfers. So my companion next transfer is going to be training. Hopefully they should get to have two rescues (Consuelo and Norma), and hopefully can get Otilio to baptism. :) I'm excited for her. 
It rained suepr hard yesterday, so my comp had rain boots. I didn't (the ones in my room are too small for me). The streets can be like rivers, so she literally carried me across on her back. Which is hilarious because we both had backpacks. Haha. 

President Roger was kinda in denial that I'm leaving when I told him. He said so surely that he was going to talk to President Marler so that I don't go. Sorry, I'm going. 
But I love Otuzco, and I will definitely miss it a ton. 

Until next week,

Hermana Brogan

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