Monday, December 14, 2015

Caught in Spanglish mode

So this week. Hmmm, what's happened. My companion still rocks. She's working really hard on learning English and learning to sing. I'm learning a lot how to teach English and how to teach singing. I think I'm not too bad at it. So it's fun. But it's really messing up my Spanish and my English because now I just mix it up all the time, and I say random things in English to my comp thinking I'm speaking Spanish. It's a pain. 

Okay, funny story, so we had about three priesthood holders come with us to some lessons yesterday. (I don't really understand my companion's organization, but I'm still learning the area, so it's kinda up to her for now). Then she looked at me and asked if we can do divisions. Completely serious. I said no, waiting for her to realize the rules. She didn't get it. I had to tell her we can't go on splits with men, only with sisters in the ward. Hahaha. My companion. I love her so much. 

Oh, my companion says thank you SO SO SO much for the stocking. Even her family hasn't sent her anything, so she really appreciates it. 

I got talked into singing for the zone training this week. So that was... interesting. It was the night before too. So luckily, we were in the chapel for a meeting with the bishop, and Hermana Furness happened to be there, and she rocks at piano, so she and I arranged something super fast. And I told myself, it's going to be okay. It's only 16 missionaries. (For some reason, singing for my peers is harder than for strangers, or the branch in Otuzco). Well, then the next day, the elders from the office decide to waltz into our meeting just about 20 minutes before I sing, so then there were more like 20 people. Why is my chapel the building with the offices? it's weird to see them left and right. 

Juana and Esther already sent people in my ward to tell me hi (They came down for training since Hermana Esther is seminary teacher, and met people in my ward.) That made me happy. I miss them. 

We met a new investigator at church- Santos- the grandma of a primary kid who we're helping now with her faith in God book. So we were helping the girl with learning how to do an FHE and learning about the sacrament, and then Hermana Santos had a ton of questions for us about Joseph Smith and prophets and apostles and basically we just really need to teach her the first lesson already. 

We ran into a random recent convert of about a year who doesn't live in our ward, but we ended up teaching him (He was in the house of some menos activos we went to visit). He's struggling with deciding to go on a mission, so I shared with him a bunch of experiences and I don't know what else, and he was saying, wow, at many wise things the Spirit had me say. Then later he asked, "and how old are you?" I say 20. He was pretty surprised. Pretty fun.

We went to the temple as a zone this week. It was amazing. I love the peace and joy I feel inside the temple. The more time I've been on the mission, the more I feel like I need the temple. It really helped me reground my testimony in some basic things I knew pretty well before the mission, but got a bit weaker in Otuzco. So it was just what I needed. 

Then Saturday we helped out with a baptism of the ward.  Angelì, who's only 8. Her mom is a rescue from missionaries before us. Well, the bishop basically just put us in charge of everything and wouldn't even answer his phone all week. So then everything just went wrong because we needed keys to the font. So one of the RMs in the ward (who served in Chiclayo), came to help us out. We had to wait for the font (which we found full of water and dead and living insects) to drain, so he could climb over the railing to unlock the doors that go to the stairs, and then we had to clean it and fill it up again. Nobody came but the family, and because of the font, we started two hours late, and then the primary was having an activity, but stopped it to come to the baptism, so then there were a TON of people there (including Santos!), and it turned out pretty good.

Then last night we had a stake Christmas devotional. The missionaries sang. YW sang, primary, Hermana Pineda and Hermana Smith, and who else? But it was super good. President Marler came and spoke, and it was just a really cool night. We had some people we're working with come. That was nice too.

We have a Christmas tree from the elders who were in our house last year? But they left the tree, so we set it up in our room when Diana was decorating the rest of the house one night. 

I think that's about all for our adventures. We're performing this week in the plaza de armas. It should be fun. They're even bringing down the missionaries from Cajamarca! Everyone is going to be there!
I love you all, have a great week!

Hermana Brogan

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