Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Singing in the Plaza

This week. We sang in the plaza and it was AWESOME! Okay, the second night on the blog, I wore a shirt with stripes and I'm in the front. I can't even find myself from the first night. I'm somewhere on the right, I think....It was super awesome the second night during one of the groups, fireworks started going off. I felt like we're rock stars. It was way fun to sing in public! Thanks to a long series of events, I got to sing a tiiiiny bit in a trio both nights, when a week ago I wasn't even going to be singing. That was awesome. I love how little things work out sometimes

We found a cool family this week because a nine year old girl asked us why we write a ton of information down when we were in the street at a less active's house. That was neat! So then later we were trying to find her house from what little she told us. Something about a metal door next to a house of other random people we contacted (helping them put things in their car). So we were just confused, but they saw us from inside and the girls ran to us! Awesome! their mom is awesome, was very interested int he Book of Mormon, and just wants to know the truth. Good condition to be in for missionaries.

News from Otuzco, Otilio is getting baptized December 26th. Someone I found is getting baptized! What a blessing! I'm super happy. How cool for Hermana Morales 'daughter' too, to start your mission with a baptism. That's so cool!

Oh, Dallin, we contacted some random guy from Japan. I thought about you. He stayed in the plaza for the Christmas choir. Which was neat. But I think he said he's from Kyoto. 

I had an intercambio with Hermana Pineda. We spent the whole day (aside from finding 5 new investigators and teaching a ton of awesome lessons), singing to people, and singing in the street trying to copy all the soloists voices for the choir. I love Hermana Pineda. She's going through very similar experiences I went through at the same time as me, and so we were able to just talk a ton, and it was just good. It was a good day. She's such a  wonderful person. I like when I have awesome sister leaders. :) 

And we were working in the rich part of our area last night visiting with a menos activo and a recent convert, and they fed us paneton, twice, cake, and hot chocolate which was better than it normally is in Peru (no it was delicious! So yummy!), all in one night. So good. It made us late to reporting though. Which was good because there was actually a huge party on our street so we wouldn't have been able to hear a thing...

Yeah, Christmas time in Peru. Gotta love it.
And good will to men.

Hermana Brogan

practicing for the concert in the plaza.

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