Tuesday, December 29, 2015

More singing in the Plaza

Well, I should write something at least. ( We had just spoken to her over Christmas and she is doing good) 

There's this family we taught who found a bunch of huge LIES about Joseph Smith online and so we got into that lesson and it was super contentious. But the lovely RM Sheyla fixed it all for us, and then we testified and talked about finding the truth through prayer, and the Spirit filled the room! Also, the little girls in that family are so cute. They're like angels, and they say I'm a doll, and always play with my hair. I love it. Even though my hair always ends up super frizzy after the lesson. Haha.

Enrique Marquina accepted preparing for a temple recommend, so that should get him to reactivate! Yay! He doesn't even fight against any of the commandments because he understands them. He just has to start living them again. It's fun to teach him. I couldn't think of the word bromista the other day, so I made up bromeador. They laughed at that. But hey, if they understood me that's all that matters. So then they decided I'm a chistadora. Which is also a made up word. So much teasing, it isn't fair!

Italo didn't come to church.  Oh yeah, we found him this week, and he's super cool. He's agnostic which is so refreshing being in Perú. It feels like I'm talking to someone from the states. He speaks English perfectly (He went to some super pituco school where they do everything except PE and religion in English). So it"s fun to teach him. He's a reference from putting his info on the internet! Never thought I'd have one of those! And he has a Mormon friend. SO cool. SO neat. He's so going to progress, if he actually comes to church like he said he would! But he said an amazing prayer (And actually talks to God, he doesn't just SAY a prayer. He speaks with his Heavenly Father). He felt the Spirit super strong and said he felt as if he wanted to cry. He said it felt the same as one time when he was talking to his LDS friend about the church. Yeeeeessss! :)

Christmas was cool. Christmas eve was cooler. We had a party as a zone. For like two hours. It was neat. I ate too much paneton, and I still want more. Luckily everyone still has some and invites us to some every time we teach. Woo!

We found a guy named Luis this week too. Embarrassing story for me of how we found him, so I'll just say that we found him, and I think he's going to progress too if I can convince my comp to go visit him more. 

Feliz navidad y feliz año nuevo!

Hermana Brogan

( a video of Haley singing her trio in the plaza, she is the Soprano)

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