Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Haley is Like a Doll

Today, we visited Las Huacas! A cool archaeological site with ruins of a temple. It just makes me think of the Book of Mormon and all the corruption that happened in the Americas. At least they didn't sacrifice children or women in this temple.

Susan came to church by herself (well, and our help, but without spouse) and her four kids ages 2 to 9. She's awesome! She still needs to understand more, but she's definitely gaining a testimony! We're still working with her husband so that he can understand better. He says he's already been baptized. He just needs to understand the whole authority thing.The little girls in Susan's family always tell me I'm like a doll. Doll=Muñeca. So they always say Hola muñeca. Chao muñeca. I always respond the same. Hola muñecas. Chao muñecas. They think I'm sooo pretty, especially my hair, and they always play with it and leave it a little crazier than it already is. Haha. 

They always make me really happy. I feel like they're little angels sent to me. :)
Italo is being a punk and didn't come to church, but he did read a bit of the Book of Mormon. He ran off to Cajamarca this week, when we had a cita with him, to go visit his girlfriend. Can you people just stop traveling so we can teach you? Okay, I guess you can have a life... But still, let us know first. 

There's this family here, the family Chong. And the dad's dad, is in Jose Balta, where I started my mission! Crazy! It's like my mission is a huge circle! Pretty neat. 

We found this sweet 14 year old girl this week, Camila, just by contacting. We haven't taught her much yet, but she's already agreed to be baptized. Her grandfather is Mormon, and she read the Book of Mormon a bit in her childhood. So I'm excited to work with her!

And that's about all. Some of the other missionaries in the zone tried to copy my ballet while we were playing basketball today. It was really funny. My zone leader actually got really into it. Haha.

Love you all! Hasta la proxima!

Hermana Brogan

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