Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Work is Progressing

This week. I had intercambios! It was so much fun. I was with Hermana Smith, who was in the MTC with me my first two weeks in my room. :) She's super sweet. We spent basically the whole time talking about our missions, and the MTC, and our areas, and the MTC, and everything. It was fun. The sister leaders are always the best. She told me some really sweet things about myself, and it was just a very happy, but insane day. We ended up teaching an apostata. I think it was my fault. (We were in her area). She told me this lady had gone through the temple, and was apostate and kinda sassy. Well,I think the word apostate just went right over my head, and I said, let's teach her!!! Yeah, bad idea. She's got some pretty wild out there ideas. It actually made me pretty sad for her. Stay true to the faith!

We also had an amazingly spiritual lesson in the nighttime with one of their less actives. It's probably one of the best lessons (on our part) I've had on the mission. He's already ready to be rescued, so that helped too!

Italo agreed to baptism. We just have to get him to come to church and keep his commitments more faithfully. But he wants to be baptized. Yay! It actually surprised me when he said that he believes Joseph Smith was a prophet. (I had asked him). We haven't talked much about the restoration since officially teaching it. 

Susan wants to be baptized, and her husband at least wants to get married, but they're just so poor that they can't. Arg. I don't know what to do about that. But I love teaching them! Susan constantly reads the Book of Mormon and prays! Her little girls tell me some pretty wild dreams- about how I'm next to Jesus or how I put crowns on their heads, or I don't even know what else. They always talk about angels to us too. They are seriously so precious. 

We found a less active named Caro (short for Carolina). She went inactive pretty fast after her baptism, so it will be just like teaching an investigator, but she wants to come back to church! We talked to her about the temple, and Christ. I told her that Christ would do everything, the atonement, His resurrection, the restoration, everything, even if it were only just for her. Wow. The Spirit really guided my words in that lesson, and I know she felt it. She wants to come back to church. I'm excited!

I had a lesson with two less actives. (The wife is a bit closer to being active). We talked about the law of chastity, and told Nelson he has to marry his wife. (Andrea has wanted to be married for a long time). We also talked a bit about the temple, eternal families, if he really loves his daughters he needs to set an example, and if he wants to be with them, be sealed. And I just told him straight up that he has to get married. And he agreed! I love being direct. They know it's true. 

So the work's going good. We're being set up for a lot of good things happening in our area. Now they just have to actually happen!

Have a great week! I love you all!

Hermana Brogan

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