Monday, January 11, 2016

Transfer Week and Haley.......stays put!!!!

This week.... What do I tell you guys about. 

Miracle lessons, kid investigators came to church, but not their parents. Italo is crazy, and has some insane concepts of life. He was talking about polygamy like it's just a social construction that we're monogomous, but he's not polygamous either, and he's just weird. It's always fun to teach him. But when we teach him, he feels the Spirit a lot, and tells us that we just make everything seem so simple. Well... Cause it is. He'll hopefully progress. I can never tell where his desire actually to find out if it's true. He definitely wants to come closer to God, and he loves talking about the plan of salvation, but when it comes to the restoration, he doesn't really have doubts, nor a confirmation that it's true. Hmmm... But he's reading and praying. SO that's good. 

Susan flipped out this week when we told her there's a living prophet and 12 apostles. She now has a copy of the conference Liahona, and I bore testimony and her doubts aren't as big now. We felt a big change in the atmosphere of that lesson. We ended with the Spirit super strong. Another day we talked about the temple and eternal families. She wants to go to the temple. She says she has to get married inside. And now that she knows it's actually a possibility, she's excited about it. Please pray for her husband, Rosas. He needs to get on board with his wife. She's super cool and progressing along fine, but he barely ever listens to us. (Not that he's against it, just lack of desire.) But Susan is so good, and her little daughters are amazing. That family is now really good friends with a family preparing to get sealed soon. So that's really nice. Mechi took Susan's daughters to church for her because Susan couldn't come, and gifted the family some hymn books. Yay! I felt like a primary teacher teaching Susan's girls to sing I am a child of God. Also, Bianca, 6, just started telling me about seeing a angel the other day. That was pretty neat. I love that family. :) Being around little kids is fun!

Alicia, menos activa, studying english. We were going to drop her for a bit, but instead we invited her to prepare for a temple recommend interview. She lit up. She didn't understand that she could go do baptisms. But now she has that as a goal, and we told her she can go to gospel principles with us instead of JAS (she feels to young next to the other JAS... hm, kinda like I did!), and she's more excited about church now. Sweet! She only came the first hour because her family needed her, but next week she should come again. :)

We found out about transfers last night. My comp and I stay. But we also heard about our whole zone. Well, our "little brother" Fernando was on the roof with us (where there's a signal to talk on the phone), and he's four years old. He was SO excited when we found out Hermana McQueen is going to Cajamarca. He shouted, CAJAMARCA! The elders asked, who's the kid? I was cracking up. Kids are so fun. 

I think that's a pretty good summary of the week.

We also had a cool multizona this week, Otilio didn't get baptized :( and a zone training. 

Love you all!

Hermana Brogan

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