Monday, January 18, 2016

A Nun In Our House?

This week....
Italo came to church! Finally! He also went to Lima and asked his girlfriend permission to be baptized. Haha. But that's a good sign. I think it's time to invite him, but for reals this time, to baptism with a specific date. Well, his first time to church happened to be stake conference, so it was insane. But some of the youth, the 18 year olds, befriended Italo. It made me laugh since he's like 30 years old. But hey, whoever reaches out is better than nobody!

We taught a random guy through a window this week. He had a shop, and kinda approached us as we were standing confused on the street. I awkwardly said, hola? And then we ended up talking to him and giving him a Book of Mormon and inviting him to baptism in February. Well, he's traveling until February starts, but he's very interested, and said yes to baptism... I love the excitement, but I'm finding in this area, basically anyone who isn't already super religious says yes. 

We went into our house for dinner on Friday, and as we walked in we saw Hermana Diana sitting in the living room with a  nun. I was really confused why there was a nun in our house. So we go to our room, the kitchen, and then I look out of the kitchen at Diana with a questioning face, and she says, Hermaaanas!!! Let me introduce you to my friend! So it turns out they were really good friends in college. Haha. I wanted to take a picture, but I felt weird asking. But it was pretty cool. The nun was super sweet.

Mmmm, que mas. We contacted an old investigator, Valeria, who was a reference from the temple a year ago. She's 15 and super interested, but her parents don't want anything. We got her number, and we want to teach her parents to try to get them to open up to the church. She still reads the Book of Mormon after 7 months or so. :D

That's about it for the week that I can remember. 
Have a good week!
Hermana Brogan

Getting ready for the Christmas concert. (Back in December) 

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