Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Time Flew By

Whoa, el tiempo ya pasò! The time flew by. I only have five minutes.

But we taught Magali this week who agreed to baptism, and is married.
We just have to get her to church. If we can get her to act on her
committments, she's gold. And if not, she's potential gold. We also
taught her husband, and he has potential too. Magali has more desires.

Susan either needs to get married or live the law of chastity some
other way. She's thinking about separating from her husband. I don't
know why though. Uuugh, why do things get so complicated. Her testimony
is getting so strong. She understands it all so well too!

Italo has disappeared. That makes me sad. He has so much potential.

This week we had to look for rooms. After finding some options, the
zone leaders had to come approve them. No go on all of them. There are
no other rooms in my area! We're in the best option already! 
But anyways, we ended up teaching Magali actually when we were looking at
a room she's going to rent out, and it was just a load of awkward to have
our  zone leaders be in the lesson. Then they somehow convinced us to
buy them cremoladas.... (ice cones??) They kept talking about it ALL
morning, so we caved.

We're going to other huacas (ruins) today! It should be fun. It's NOT
a tourist sight, so Ishould hopèfully get to grab some souveneirs!
Woo! I'm excited.

Aaaand, that's the summary. Other things have happened, but I'm out of time.
Love you all!

Hermana Brogan

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