Wednesday, February 10, 2016

District Leaders Found Me Profoundly Inspiring

Well, we found a room to live in. We're also teaching the owner of the
house. Sweet! I think she'll progress. :)

We were in the middle of contacting a family of members who recently
moved here for vacations, to contact their non member mother who
actually lives there, when a couple came up to us and basically
demanded that we teach their children right now. And we were already
about to enter into this first family's house, and the zone leaders
were coming in exactly 15 minutes to look at the room we found one
block away. So we ask for the afternoon, and they said no, now! So we
said after this cita. We basically go in already trying to leave the
house while trying to be polite and get to know them and just set an
appointment for the next week, then we go to this other family. The
parents are busy so they leave us with their kids (9 and 7 years old),
and we teach them prayer. After teaching them, we ask them to say the
last prayer and they recite the padre nuestro and the ave maria. Poor
little brainwashed kids. We need to teach them better. They gave us
rosarios (in english, rosaries?) too. Oh my. Buuut, the mom studied in
an adventista colegio, but doesn't like that they speak bad about
other churches, and she and her spouse are married, baptized catholic,
don't identify with any church, and a he's a lawyer and she's a
psychologist. I'm stoked! We're going to teach them ALL today! Yay!

We taught Italo for the last time this week. Crazy kid. He's moving to
Lima. (All my investigators move to Lima. It's the worst.) But he
came to church for the second time yesterday and promised to go to
church in Lima and read his whole Book of Mormon in the commute to and
from work. We reexplained the restoration yesterday because he's got
some wild questions. (They're actually good, valid questions, just
ones we don't get a lot in Peru), and he's gone from agnositc to
definitely believing in God. Progress!

Spencer! He's a less active just out of rehab (alcohol and drugs). We
found him with beer walking down the street when we were headed home
one night. We were on the phone, but I left it with my comp to finish
up talking while I convinced Spencer to not avoid us. He's obedient,
so he stuck around, and then when he hung up, we convinced him to pour
out the beer onto the street. At first he said no. He wanted to go to
a park and think. So we told him we'd go with him, and he poured it
out in that very moment. It felt very victorious. I was super happy
about it! Then we went and talked to him about how God loves and
supports him and how he needs to pray and read the Book of Mormon in a
nearby park, and walked him halfway home. The next day his parents
said he had come straight home. Sweet!

We had an awesome first lesson with Ismael's dad. (Ismael is a
convert). His dad believed us right off the bat, and really felt the
spirit. He works sunday though. So it will take a bit of effort, but I
think he'll get there. :)

Rosas committed to come to church! Miracle! BUT then a relative came
and the family didn't come to church. Next week we should have Susan
and Rosas at church with their four kids. Much praying will be needed.
And that. :) 

It's been a good week. My district leader wrote something
I said up on the board during district meeting as a quote. Awkward
moment. I'm really not so profound, don't they know that?

Have a great week!

Hermana Brogan

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