Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day.

Okay, so transfers. My companion is seriously the coolest. She is such an amazing, but amazing missionary. Like we now have two people preparing for baptism and got a less active to church this week amazing. She's been here 6 days. Not even. Like 5 days. Because the day of transfers, we had to go work in her area one more day.

So going to that story, yeah, they took the sisters out of her area and put in elders. Two elders I know from Zona Sierra actually. Elder Lagrava and Elder Rodriguez, so we got to proselyte with them all day. Well, it was awkward because I went to transfer meeting thinking we'd go straight back to my area, and they told me IN THE MEETING, that I'd be in her area the whole day. So I was without a Book of Mormon.  (Lesson, always, always have a Book of Mormon no matter what). And without sunscreen. It was like a field trip almost. Haha. I like my area a lot better than hers. It's more tranquilo. But it was nice nearing all the news about Otuzco. Hermana Utley's last pension's mother in law commented on how happy I am and how she'd like me to stay. Haha. I guess I'm super happy. It was cute. She commented on it like 3 or 4 times. But at least your companion is happy she told Hermana Utley. :)

We're dropping a lot of investigators. (Including Susan. Sad day. Well, maybe.) So we can find more who are prepared. We found a less active I've been looking for for a while that I'd never met. He's cool and said he'd come to church next week. It's weird having a companion who sings. Well. We harmonized in a lesson last night. It was so cool! 

The family we live with is who we taught actually. (We don't live with them, it's just we live on their roof and their door is always open in the style of the sierra. So then the uncle commented on how he heard me singing in  the morning and stopped to listen. Hahaha. Yeah, I sing a lot. In the states, people usually just look at me weird and let it go. I love that in this culture, they mention it. It's fun. But that just means I have to sing primary songs that teach basic truths all the time, right? Right. 

That's about it for the week. It's been an amazing week. :)
Love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Brogan

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