Monday, February 15, 2016

More Teaching and Finding

Okay, not too much to write. 
But first off, earlier this week we had a member come with us to teach. He's recently reactivated and is seriously the best person to come to lessons with! He served his mission 6 years ago or so in the states. Wisconsin? But I haven't heard his english. I think because he just reactivated, he's really
humble in the lessons with us. He still shares his testimony and experiences, but when we talk, he really listens. I've never seen an RM act like that before. He listens and reacts as if it was one of the
first times he's heard this. But it's not. He also has faith that these people really can progress. He has a sincere love for every single person we visited. I don't really know what made the difference
so impactful on me, but really the Spirit was so strong in all our lessons, and they all agreed to baptism and to being rescued. Of course, that isn't too abnormal here. Getting them to act is the big
thing. But I could even tell the investigators felt the Spirit. Now that doesn't always happen.

Spencer, who we found last week with that can of beer, told us that day that he wants to reactivate. Yes! But he still didn't come to church this week even after deciding on his own to come. But he'll get there. He did finally read a chapter in the Book of Mormon. Victory! He's awesome!

We also found and taught Hernàn. 20 years old. Same day. He felt the Spirit, UNDERSTOOD what we taught (he's from the sierra, but he's studying. His poor mom, like most people from the mountains, doesn't understand our message or the importance of it, but Hernan really
could feel the spirit and agreed to baptism. He didn't show up for church. Actually, none of our investigators did, even after organizing with the members and everything. They even did their part (the members). But that's how it goes sometimes. Next week!

Today we moved rooms. It was seriously the most stressful thing I've done in a while. I was trying to get all my stuff ready and then the elders told us last night at 10pm that we needed to get a truck ready for the morning, and that hadn't even occurred to me, and I was just stressed out about everything. And then the elders didn't even set up our beds this morning, and my comp and I are not strong enough or that, so they have to come after we write, and just a  bunch of little things on top of not sleeping last night to pack. But it's all okay. It all works out. I have an amazing sister leader, who reminds me of my sister, who can just seem to figure everything out. She helped me a ton today. I'm so grateful for her. But then we got to watch emperor's new groove while in Peru. That's a
neat thing. I've always kinda wanted to do that. :) But the work is moving forward. We're fining and teaching and inviting and seeing small miracles. Just hoping we can get them to church next week!

Love you all! Thanks for writing me. I always like emails!

Hermana Brogan

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