Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Finding Continues...

So my week. Nothing crazy has happened. But the work is picking up like crazy. We're finding really good people, including the daughter of my companion's convert from another area. Still nobody comes to church. Even though we do everything we can on our part. 

We found a less active who left the church right after she was baptized as a kid, so we're basically teaching an investigator. But she's better than the members with missionary work. She has a friends she wants us to teach already! Yay!

We were using the directory this week to find families. Well in one house we went to, this family had never lived there, but we found Karla, an amazing new investigator. She's studying medicine, and we really feel the spirit with here. But it's also always really awkward when we first get there, which is kinda hilarious. 

We're also working to rescue an RM,  he has all the desires and is almost there. His brother and wife are also less actives that are starting to come back to church, so we basically just get to teach them and support them. Yay!

We went to Kathy, the daughter of Hermana Utley's convert, one day when we didn't have a cita, because I felt like we needed to the night before. I don't usually do that if we already have an appointment planned, so it was cool. We went and she really needed us in that moment. She has desires to repent and be baptized, so we just have to get her to stop working on Sundays, and she'll progress really fast. 

We also found two other university students, who are cousins. I think that they think we're really weird, but my companion and I really felt the Spirit teaching them, so I think they'll figure it all out pretty fast. This girl, Melissa, actually told us she used to pray every night, and one day she felt like God betrayed her, so she consciously decided to stop praying. This was a few years ago. So we invited her to start again, and she agreed to it. She's also super sincere and told us she wasn't going to come to church just because, she feels like it's too fast. I like that it isn't a yes and then she just doesn't come. It's a lot easier to work with them when they don't tell us just what they think we want to hear. Honesty is the best. But she did say she'd pray. Pretty good when all we taught was that- prayer. 

We're working with Ronaldo on accepting living prophets. That's my favorite part of our message is that God lives. We have the same church, the same gospel, the same blessings for us today. It isn't just some tradition, or something that happened in history. The gospel is an active thing. The Savior is involved personally in our lives. So we left him the homework of praying and watching a conference talk. I think it should help. He can usually resolve his doubts pretty well.

My companion and I will be singing in the zone training tomorrow, and hopefully a multizona later this month. We'll see how it goes. We're trying to arrange two songs together for the multizone. But I'm excited! We also have conference coming up. Yay! And a temple trip at the end of the month. So much is happening these weeks. :) It will be good. 

Have a fantastic week!

Hermana Brogan

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