Monday, March 14, 2016

Singing in Zone Conference

This week. I felt really happy when a menos activo told us he wasn't
going to come to church, but changed his mind when we called him the
night before. I wasn't happy that he wasn't going to go, but I
realized that those small acts can really mean a lot for some people.
It's also nice to see how someone can be so GRATEFUL for small things.
Gratitude is so important. It's something I've been trying to work on
lately. Being more grateful for everything.

But we had this awesome lesson last night focusing on faith in the
Savior and repentance. I swear I learned more in that lesson than he
did. The Spirit was so strong. I could really feel it as the Spirit
spoke through me on how repentance isn't a punishment, but rather a
way to hope, light, and healing. It's the way to avoid the punishment
for sin. It says so in the Spanish guide for scripture study!
Repentance is the best! And when I asked him how his faith in Christ
was, he completely opened up and just told us everything was with the
members (It's always because of the members). I told him to just look
straight to God. And testified a lot of His love for us and how He'll
always support and help us through everything. It was an amazing
lesson, and Carlos is now committed to come back to church. He's
convinced that now is his time.

Lesson: This gospel is one of hope. (How appropriate for this Easter
season). And the small things really do help in a big way. By small
and simple things. :)

Antony Chunque is looking for his mom's permission to be baptized.
He's 12. A super fast learner, but I want to help him have truly
spiritual experiences. He understands everything, but I want him to
have a true conversion...
We taught Luis yesterday. He's the father of Diana who we lived with
before we moved. He's been uber prepared. He basically told us he's
willing to be baptized with time, but that he wants his wife to listen
too, and also basically told us he already knows it's true. Well,
having the missionaries in the house for a year probably helped a bit
with that. I'm so grateful that Diana took him to the temple open
house and that she keeps a picture of the temple and pictures of
Christ on the walls. He's really prepared, but I hope that means that
he's ready to act. He said he'd start praying daily though. :)

I think those are the best experiences I had for this week. I sang in
our zone conference. I was super nervous, so it wasn't my best
singing, but I could still really feel the Spirit come in a lot. I
sang I'm trying to be like Jesus with my companion. Such a sweet song.
It's still one of my favorites. I can never figure out where to
breathe in one part of it though......

Yeah, so have a great week!


Hermana Brogan

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