Thursday, March 31, 2016

Happy Easter from Trujillo

Okay, I suppose I should write a bit about my week. It was wonderful. SO wonderful. 
We sang in the multizona. That was fun, but I was super nervous to sing. Later on in the week we had Sunday. We didn't proselyte at all because the office called us and invited us to be part of the missionary choir for the day. We sang in my building for three stakes, and later in La Esperanze for two other stakes. So we got to church at 8:50ish. We brought two investigators too! Yay! Melissa and Yanela, the cousins we found. People are progressing! Por fin!
Then we stay for consejo. We stay for choir practice. We stay for the performance. We leave about 7 or so to go to la esperanza and then are there until 9 or 9:30. It was so good. I felt a lot like I did when I performed with Zion's choir. Such a sweet familiar spirit singing in a choir. There were also some very beautiful special musical numbers involved too. I think this is one of the best Easters I have ever had. And I've always had good Easters. :)
Then today we got to go to the temple. I got to see Hermana McCally. :) That was the best. For Easter and in the temple. I also woke up at 4:40 this morning to get ready to go to the temple. My comp wanted to get there early. And we got there when nobody else was around. The lights weren't even on. There were only security guards. Haha. But shortly after everyone else showed up. It's so amazing to be in the temple again. I love the Spirit I feel there. 
Oh, we also had picture slide shows as part of the Easter program, and there's one of this little girl with curly hair and Christ. It made me happy.

Oh. The other big news. I knew  I had forgotten something. So in the middle of the transfer, this Thursday, they closed Primavera 2. So now my companion and I are taking care of it until they can put missionaries there next transfer. Our area just doubled in size, and we have to maintain all the progressing people over there. That's insane! Well, hard work to the end! :) Just the thing I need to keep me overly focused. I think I'm going to be very tired by the end of this transfer.

So Sister Beasley is going to Pacasmayo and Sister Vasquez to OTUZCO! So her new comp (btw they're the sisters who were in Primavera 2), came down from Otuzco, and was with us while Sister Vasquez showed us around her area and presented us to some of the people she's teaching. Well, Hermana Rimache (amazing missionary, so much light in her countenance), told me about a ton of amazing things going on in Otuzco. One lady I worked with Consuelo is now rescued, they're working on getting Elkin baptized, and he's finally getting his act together. He and his wife aren't fighting anymore!!! Um, Marilu was with a baptismal date. What else... I don't know. But it was so great to hear that there is real progress there in the branch. It makes me so happy!

Oh yeah, women's conference was the best. Sister Marriott makes me laugh. Especially when she chuckled a bit after her experience. 

Lessons are lessons. I learned something from one of the members who came with us this week. She said that we know we're truly happy if we can be happy with ourselves, with God, and with those around us. I like that a lot! :) Happiness is a choice. It doesn't depend on our surroundings. :)
President Marler spoke to us about obedience this multizone and we watched the spiritual crocodiles video. Then he said there's a lot of them when we go home. Well thanks for worrying me president. Haha. No, but it's all good. :) 

We moved again this week, too. We're back on the same street we used to be. Different room though. But now my companion can sleep at night. So that's good. 
Okay, it's long already. I love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Brogan

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