Monday, November 2, 2015

Lessons, Halloween and Peruvian Lunches

This week. Oh, this week was an interesting one. 

We're working a lot with Elkin. He's 26, practically Mormon, and his wife is MA. 
We FINALLY got to talk with his wife, Natali, last night (with Elkin
there too). They have some problems in their marriage... minus the
marriage since they never got married. But they're a family- two kids.
Well, Elkin works in a store that makes huge styrofoams characters for
parties. So his store is always crazy and fun. And he has a really
active imagination. It's hilarious. So we go to teach them last night,
and while we're waiting for Natali, Elkin, and one of his workers
ended up doing taditional peruvian dances and playing traditional
instruments. There's no way I'm going to remember what they're called.
Pretty neat though! Then Natali came and we were discussing eternal
marriage and family and stuff. So then Elkin wants to get married, but
Natali doesn't trust him, and so he pulls out a receipt to demostrate
what their marriage will be like. Then he ends up cutting out two paper
hearts, giving one to me and one to my comp, makes us crumple them up,
and tells us that will happen one day to us. What the heck? So my
companion took the opportunity to explain repentance. Hahaha. They're
crazy. I love working with younger people. It's nice to get to laugh.
We went to teach one of Elkin's friends, Alexander. He seems pretty
cool. But he travels to Trujillo a lot, like Raquel (Juana's friend).
He said he'd read and pray. Yay!

We went to visit Jhoner (pensionista's husband) with a member. He went
and hid from us. Okay, not time for that yet. Last night, he was
drinking. Not in his house, but in his shop a door away. So we went to
greet him (comp's idea) so he'd feel bad about it. I've never seen
someone I know drunk before. That made me super sad.

We started visiting Norma again (MA). She finishes studying in the end
of November. Hopefully we get to go work with dirt with her. (She's
studying something that has to do with plants, animals, and dirt...)

The elders had a baptism. Yay! Raquel came. We didn't even get to
visit her or invite her, but Juana, the great future misisonary she
is, and Claudia brougth her along. So awesome!

On halloween, I was my companion. Well, I just wore her nametag. We
also carried around plastic pumpkins full of candy to share with kids,
members, investigators, etc. Well, something I learned is that a lot
of the evangelistas think it's a day to worship Satan. Awkward. Didn't
realize carrying around a plastic pumpkin and giving out free sweets
was satan worshipping.

We also got to teach Elisabeth, the sister of Hermana Esther. She's
the first in her family to accept the gospel, and was going to be
baptized.... 18 years ago. And now she still loves the missionaries, but
never accepts anyone. And we got to teach her. Little miracle right
there! She said she'd pray. I'm excited to see what happens.

And that's about the week in summary.

Oh, and the pension is tasty. I don't really like Peruvian lunches.
She makes pancakes and french toast sometimes. Yay! And Hermana Esther
does our laundry for us.

Okay, love you all, have a great week!

Hermana Brogan

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