Monday, October 26, 2015

Lesson with a flashlight

So this week in Otuzco Perú. 
Sometimes I forget how poor everyone here is. I feel like all of Peru is like this, but then we go to Trujillo. Yeah, it's just Otuzco.

Lessons this week were lessons. We had one cool lesson. We taught the restoration, and their house doesn't have electricity. So we taught with a flashlight. I also learned the word for flashlight. Linterna.  Yeah, so it was actually super cool. We focused a lot on the pictures in  the pamphlet and we turned the light off when we talked about the great apostasy. Pretty neat object lesson that was completely unplanned! I wanted to laugh at the same time I thought it was really cool. Don't worry, I kept calm.

At dinner one day,my best friend and little sister Alisson kept asking us math questions. (She's just learning numbers and how to spell). She asked us the oh so hard question of 42 and 42. 84. She was so impressed. She "whispered" to her mom, "Mami, I think they already know the numbers". It was SO funny. We all laughed, and then Alisson laughed just because we were all laughing. Why are little kids so cute?

Sometimes taking a moto feels like you're riding Indiana Jones in Disneyland. I won't go into too much detail there...

We've also started to do family scripture study with our pensionista's family. Since two of them are inactive. I love it. Definitely something to keep doing!

One night we forgot our phone at dinner, and it was basically curfew, so we literally RAN down the street to get it, and RAN up the hill to our room. I'm surprised I didn't have to stop. It was fun!

On Saturday we took the branch to the temple. I got sick riding back because I already had a headache. Bah. I thought carsickness had no control over me anymore. But I didn't get TOO sick. No crazy stories there. The temple was amazing. It's so nice to go do work for those who can't. Sometimes I feel like temple work is just more effective... No, but we got all three of the recent converts we're working with to go. Super neat! We also bought Lisbeth (Our pensionista's older daughter) two little pictures. One of the temple, one of the resurrection.Super cheap birthday present, but hey,we're missionaries. She liked it! (Or is really good at being polite. Let's go with option 1)

Yes, that is what happened this week!
Love you all.
Sorry the space-bar is weird. (No problem, Haley, I think Mom got them all)
Hermana Brogan

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