Monday, October 5, 2015

A Little Sister in Otuzco!!

We found a pensionista. She's awesome. Hermana Chepa (I don't know her real name, but her nickname is Chepa.) I'm super stoked to have a little family again! She has a six year old who is suuuuper excited for us to start pensioning there. This morning at breakfast (we started today), we told Chepa we'd wait for her to drop off Allison (her six year old) and come back. So Allison told us to wait for her too and that she gets back at one (lunchtime). So we told her we'd be there. We're actually going to be a bit late. Haha. SO cute! I get a little sister! At least as long as I'm in Otuzco. I'm stoked. Must take pictures with this family. :) 

Well, in the work, this week wasn't the most productive. Except for two things. One, Greli came to conference. So cool! So she'll hopefully be a rescue in a week or two. :) Two, we 'found' this lady named Carmen. Who works with Consuelo, and Hermana McCally and I gave her a Book of Mormon hace no sè cuanto. Hehe, just messing with you mom. We gave her a Book of Mormon about a month ago or so. (I apologize to my family members who do not speak Spanish because I will drive you crazy when I go home, I just know it.)  Anyways, we visited her officially in her house, met her 14 year old daughter (she's sweet, and a little odd...). It's just those two. We invited them to baptism, and the Spirit was super strong, and Carmen said yes. So we now have someone else to work with towards baptism. I'm excited about it. Unfortunately, she was unable to come to conference because of something going on in her daughter's school.

Then at the end of the week, we had... A multizone, and general conference. So basically we didn't get to teach a ton of people, but that's chill. It was everything I needed and more. I am SO excited to get back to working hard, and finding new investigators, and having more faith, and just everything. In the multizone Hermana Marler spoke to us about the scripture, in Matthew 11:28-30, come unto me ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest. She spoke about the power of the atonement and how we don't need to carry around our burdens. She said that she thinks Christ would be really sad if we did, because He already did it for us. It isn't necessary.

I also really loved in conference that there was a huge focus on not making the gospel so complicated, and that we don't need to feel pressured to be perfect now (I am SO guilty of that). But we just need to be good and get a little better at a time. President Marler the day before told us (was it Pres Hinckley?) someone said that God is perfectly fine with progressing just a little tiny bit every day. We don't need to overwhelm ourselves. I loved it. I've also felt really strongly my Heavenly Father's love for me these last few days.

We've dropped Kati, but she's been finding us in the street. She got fired from her job. So she came to conference for part of two sessions. She'll be going back to Lima at the end of the month. We're going to go back to visit her to see if there's any last things we can do. Prayers please! I honestly don't know much more what we can do. But she so needs the gospel.

Honestly, that's about all. Thanks for your support, keep writing me, I love you all!
More to report next week!

Hermana Brogan

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