Monday, October 12, 2015

Older Missionaries Are Just Calmer.

This week we had intercambios. I was having a bit of a hard day being a little sick (that's actually a good story, but not one I'm going to put on the blog), and frustrated with my district leader (all is good now. I thought elders weren't supposed to be the too serious ones), and thinking too much about what hasn't happened in my mission the first year. So luckily, we had a zone meeting that morning, and unluckily, I cry so easily, so my sister leader Hermana Pineda and I went outside to talk. And she helped me a ton and told me how amazing I am and stuff. So that was cool. Then after lunch, we did intercambios, and I went with Hermana Nuñez. She was in the CCM with me. I don't remember her (she's from Bolivia, so I couldn't communicate with her back then, and just chose not to). Well, she speaks english. Haha. I figured that out when she asked me in a lesson in english if I thought our investigator really was pregnant. Haha. She told me later that she lived for a year in New York. She went with her friend. Hermana Nuñez is 27 years old. So it was a really cool intercambio. She's a lot calmer than most of the missionaries, and we had super spiritual lessons the whole day. It was awesome!
Kati moved back to Lima. We had a lesson with her, and we got her a little closer to keeping the word of wisdom. She just doesn't think she can change. But she wants the gospel too. We committed her to go to church this sunday in Lima. I really hope she did so the missionaries there can start working with her. 
We started teaching Juana's friend (Juana is who's preparing for a mission), Raquel. Raquel is super amazing. She asked us why God doesn't appear to everyone. I talked about how there needs to be a need for a miracle in addition to the faith necessary because we promised to walk by faith in this world, and that there was a need with Joseph Smith (Woah, that's the first time I've said Joseph in a long time. It sounds so weird now.) She also asked why she doesn't always receive answers to prayers, and Juana stepped in on that one. It was awesome! And so Raquel is going to pray about the first vision for the first time in her life (she's listened to missionaries before, but has never prayed specifically about Joseph Smith). I'm excited to see where this goes. Raquel's two best friends are active members. And we teach her in Hermana Esther's house. So sweet! The Spirit was so strong. 
Aside from that... not much else has happened. I'm doing good. The work is... going. We're finding. A lot of finding.

Hermana Brogan

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