Monday, December 1, 2014

Sometimes People Bow to Us

But really. Sometimes people literally bow to us. I don't know why. It's really weird. It happened three times this week. I have a suspicion that it's because we're norteamericanas... Meaning white. Which is apparently really attractive down here... 
Also, this one guy stopped traffic on a busy street for me to cross the street... That was also extremely weird. Like, really, I can wait twenty seconds for the light to change. It isn't that big of a deal... But whatever. If you insist.

So one of our pension's friends came to talk to us. He's trilingual-Russian, Spanish, and English. So he's peruano, but lived in Russia for twenty five years for some reason (I forget). So basically a peruano man speaking English with a really thick Russian accent. That's was pretty cool. He lives in Texas now.

So we taught this one lady this week (I caved and will now write about cool investigators- so hopefully you all don't get bored :) ) But anyways, we always buy bodoques from her (she's like 85 years old and super super sweet). Bodoques are like fruit popsicle things. We always get Lucuma ones. I really like them. They kinda taste like bread dough. But anyways, we taught her a really good lesson, and then she gave us free bodoques afterwards! Yay! Also, I've taught the first vision like 20 times this week. Good thing I memorized that Joseph Smith History scripture in the CCM. My comp doesn't have it memorized anymore. But I say it so much, that I doubt I'll forget it... But yeah, we're really really improving our teaching a lot. She doesn't spend twenty minutes on the great apostasy anymore (she's very into proving the gospel to all the Catholics here...), but she shortened that, and I always teach about Joseph Smith, and it's pretty great. We have a few people who are considering baptism. So, yay!

We had a surprise training meeting on Tuesday (okay, not really that much of a surprise with a three day notice). But basically I got to see people from the CCM again (the other district). So that was neat. I also got to take a moto for the first time! I should take a picture of the motos here. They're like riding chariots! Especially when one passes us, or we pass another, it's almost like we're in a chariot race! :D

Our pension DID make us a thanksgiving dinner. Kinda. Not enough food to make ourselves super fat, but a normal amount of food. So we got turkey, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes with marshmallows. And inca cola- a soda down here in Peru. It tastes like bubble gum and cream soda... but tastes better than that description. Yay thanksgiving! I decided we were going to uh, go around the table, and tell what we were thankful for. I made my comp go first and she said like two things, and then I just kinda just went off on a long list when it was my turn... Awkward.
So um, seriously, Everett isn't allowed to grow up anymore. No more!
And I love you all.
Hermana Brogan

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