Friday, December 26, 2014

crazy P-day schedule

Haley's mom here-
I got a quick email from Haley requesting I post something today. Because of the Christmas/ New Year's holidays her p-days have been mixed up a bit. Since she Skyped yesterday, her next P-day is on New Year's Day, Thursday, Jan 1st. I think on Monday, Jan. 5th she will be back to her regular Monday P-day schedule. When we talked to her yesterday, she sounded like she is having the time of her life in Peru. This is what she wrote:
Hey, so I just wanted to read the crazy amount of emails I had, and I just talked to you guys yesterday. So I'll write more next week. (And I'll try to talk about my investigators for once.)

Could you maybe post something on my blog just to let people know it will be another week? Apparently my friends actually read it! Cool stuff!

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