Friday, January 2, 2015

After Christmas

Christmas was actually tons of fun. The weekend before, pres organized a ton of missionaries to sing in a park in our area. It was So much fun. We watched the He is the Gift video, and other Spanish Mormon Messages of Christmas. It was awesome!! And so fun to see all the other missionaries. So all new missionaries kinda go through the first few weeks being extremely hard, and lonely. So it's nice to not be there anymore, but there were two gringa sisters a few days out of the CCM, and it was awesome to meet them and give them love and encouragement. They will be lovely missionaries. :) But it really was such a fun night, just singing and contacting in a park. Also, one of the members in our ward who always accompanies us, Virignia, gave us Santa hats to wear! 
When we gathered on Christmas day as a zone at the stake building, we played the game Mafia, in Spanish! (Of course, but still, I feel accomplished!) I ended up being mafia the first round, and WON! In Spanish! Okay, I guess I'm not as bad at Spanish as I think. I really can function okay. As long as it isn't old people who slur a ton.
Today we also gathered in the stake building for New Years, and while waiting outside for everyone else to show up, this random Peruvian guy came up to us and told us his life story about how he was a drug addict and used to mug people, but thirty years ago God intervened and changed his life around, and how he loves God and then he went on his way. Randomly fitting New Years story. I love this time to remind us that we can change, and we can have a better year full of wonderful change! It's also cool looking back and seeing how I've come so far this year, from school and working, to going through the temple, and living in a different country as a missionary! I hope you guys are coming up with goals or reflecting on the year past. OH, and yeah, Happy New Year!
Apparently it was crazy last night with fireworks and burning dolls in the street (weird Peruvian tradition I don't know anything about). And my comp couldn't sleep. And she said it sounded like a bomb shelter. I, of course, slept right through it and woke up at 6:30 this morning!
Also, my comp beatboxes, so sometimes she beatboxes while I sing primary songs and it rocks.
Also, sometime elder Wilson picks a random feather off the street and makes us use it to conduct music in district meetings. Also, sometimes we have to relocate district meetings, because there was confusion and my district leader got the day wrong, so the chapel the zone leaders have the keys to was locked. (And by sometimes I mean once). And I'm creating this awesome picture wall in my room! From pictures in the Liahona of course. It's going to look so cool!
Okay, I have had Becky ask to talk about investigators, but my time is short! Next week I promise I'll tell you more! But for this week:
We met an awesome girl Karla, by knocking doors, who totally let us in, listened and participated in the lesson, and kept her commitment, and read further int he Book of Mormon! She rocks! I can't wait to see where this goes.
I love you all!
Hermana Brogan

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