Monday, January 12, 2015

Change is good.

So this week...
I had an emergency transfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so wonderful! I have a new area and a new companion and everything! I'm in Jaen (One of the more loved areas of the mission) and my companion's name is Hermana Favero. She is seriously the best. She's the kind of missionary I want to be and I don't have to fight her to participate in lessons. In fact, she actually expects me to teach and contact and all the wonderful missionary things and she actually wants to be here. And she's so obedient. And sweet, and kind, and I'm basically just very relieved to have had a cambio. :) And Jaen is BEAUTIFUL! There are green hills surrounding us, and there are plants everywhere. Our area is really small, but nonetheless there are cows and only motos here, no taxis. And it actually rains here. And it's theoretically really hot here, but it's been cool since I've come. And it's how I imagined Peru when I got my call. Some of the roads are dirt roads, and everyone gives us fruit! This lady in the ward called out to us on the street and went inside her house just to give us mangos. And that's it. She genuinely just wanted to give us fruit. And contacting is so much easier here. People are respectful and listen to us talk, and are so much more patient with my spanish, and will just drop whatever they're doing to come talk to us. And the lessons I've had are awesome! One investigator already has a very sure testimony. Her name is Sandi. We have a menos activo who is almost a rescate- Roxana. And we have one investigator José who is older, and cohabitating with a lady who refuses to get married to him. (She believes he's still married to his deceased wife). So he can't get baptized. But he has all the lessons and goes to church every week. He's basically Mormon without being Mormon. He asked us about the last three verses in Revelations 13. And that's how his lessons go now because he regularaly reads the scriptures and has all the missionary lessons. So it's sad he can't progress right now... Oh, and we also teach at a rest home. We call them the viajitos. They're basically just these really old 80 or 90 year old men, and one's a recent convert, and there's a couople members, and the rest are investigators. But as long as we talk loud, they can function fine. :) And the members hobble to church every week. It's really cute. I love it! And the street I live on has tons of members so it's nicknamed "Utah". I live in Utah. Again. And here I thought I escaped. But the real name of the street in San Francisco. And there's also a street San josé. And there's a bunch of others too... But basically my life is following me around here. ;) My new cuarto is HUGE! (Cold shower, but it's okay cause it's so hot).
So that's my week in summary. Just loving life here!
Hermana Brogan

My apartment in Jaen

 "Utah" street, in Jaen

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