Monday, January 5, 2015

Investigators *

Okay, so we've had a total of five days. So not much has happened. 
One story: yesterday, after getting straight up rejected after knocking on a door, this guy in the street, Danny, talked to us with a big smile on his face. He used what little English he knew, and said we could come back in a half hour or so when the rest of his family got home. He seemed genuinely interested and curious in our message. So we come back, RIGHT when the rest of his family is coming home. So his dad, super confrontational, says "Who is this standing in front of my house?" So we try to introduce ourselves, and he says, "So when can I invite you to church?" And basically my comp and him were going back and forth, and she eventually said something like, "Well, I don't feel the respect". And that's just too much confrontation for me, so I turn to the wife, and with a smile ask her what her name is because I don't want to listen to this conversation. She was kind taken aback, and said what? So I asked her again (sometimes people just don't understand my accent). And she told me her name. I said nice to meet you. I'm Hermana Brogan. Then Hermana Kingsford was ready to leave. So we turned to leave, and I turned back and told her to have a good night. Way to make that situation really weird and awkward. :) But it was fun. Thanks to working as a security guard, I am not remotely phased by people being confrontational. I think it's kinda funny they get so insulted by these really young North American girls. But I'm also really sad we won't be able to teach Danny. :(
I got to teach one of our awesome menos activos this week! My comp actually let me take charge of a lesson for once. Yay! Anyways, we're on the fourth lesson with her. So I just taught her the commandment of tithing. It went so well that she committed herself to pay tithing before I even got to that point in the lesson. Victory! But she didn't come to church this week. It's so frustrating when they start to come, and then decide not to come. She came to sacrament meeting the last two weeks. We'll get her there though. She is making real progress though. I love going and teaching her! She always is so welcoming!
One of our investigators invited us to a dance party. We said no, of course. But what the heck? She doesn't really let us teach when we visit though, so we're going to drop her.
We had this one really good investigator except for she won't keep her commitments. But we've made it most of the way through the third lesson with her. And she keeps letting us come back to teach her. (She's the one with a four year old daughter, who this one lady asked if she was my daughter). But when we went to invite her to church on Saturday, she seemed really annoyed with us, and said maybe she would and maybe she wouldn't. The struggles though!
Um, we have one investigator who has doubts with that members aren't always good people. This is a problem we have with another one of our investigators too. So we're helping them build their testimonies, and we're trying to help them realize we don't go to church for the people, but for our devotion to God and keeping His commandments. But, their doubts are based in some real problems, so it's a bit more of a process than that. 
We have two investigators, Romina and her mom (I forgot her name), who we've only taught a couple times, but they let us in, and listen well to our whole lessons. They're SUPER Catholic, and say they won't change. But then again, that's everyone in Peru. I like teaching them though. Probably because they listen. Hopefully they'll pray about the restoration. 
So that's some of what's going on here. It was a rough week, and nobody's been home, or everyone has had visitors, so most of our citas have been dropping. Oh well. That's why we contact and all that exciting stuff.
Hope all is going well at home.
Love you and miss you!
Hermana Brogan

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