Monday, January 19, 2015

Hiking through the Garden of Eden

Okay, so I have ten minutes to type this up because the internet on my computer didn't work.
This week was the BEST! So today, we went on a hike with two districts, in the most beautiful area of the world I have ever seen. It was so green and lush and absolutely beautiful! The trail went back and forth across the stream the whole time! It was so peaceful, except when I fell down a boulder, only about a foot, that the elders were helping me get up. We found another way. Then on the way back down, Elder Lopez, Hermana Favero, and I played carnival, or our version, by throwing rocks into the river trying to slpash each other. So in Jaen, and Moreso in Cajamarca, everyone ever plays carnivales where they throw water balloons, or water at anyone and everyone. But they have a lot of respect for us so it isn't a big deal.

So the work this week was Amazing. AMAZING people! We have a man who is in a really complicated situation with his girlfriend he lives with, but they're super poor so they can't separate. She won't marry him because she thinks he's still married to his dead spouse, but they don't even love each other anymore. But he has ALL the lessons, and REALLY wants to be baptized, he brings it up every lesson. And this last lesson we had was awesome! He realizes he has to make a decision. But it's still really complicated. So I pray for him. He comes to church every week though. He's practically Mormon.

Then there's Leydi, who is a 17 year old menos activo, and she's so sweet. She always smiles at me, and she says she loves the sacrament.

Okay I wanted to write more in depth about everyone but..

We got notice the night before church that we had to speak. So I wrote a 7 minutes talk in Spanish in one hour. Poor Hermana Favero hates speaking though, so the comments after were, Hermana Brogan, you're Spanish is improving! Hermana Favero, what happened? You looked so nervous! Poor girl. I love my comp so much, we talk about gospel stuff all the time. She did my hair last night for fun. And we just work really hard together. :)

I studied in Helamnn 5 this week, and read about Nephi and Lehi, who preach to a bunch of Lamanites even though they want to kill them, and then the Lord works miracles. Such a neat story! You all should read it.

As for how transfers worked, we take busses between Jaen and Chiclayo, so Hermana Fairchild came down first, then I went to Jaen with the hermana leaders. And the transfer was because of Hermana Fairchilds foot, not my companiopnship.

My email was a ton longer, but computer issues, so more next week!

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