Monday, February 16, 2015

Feliz día de amor!

Mi familia, Feliz día de amor! I hope you guys had a good valentine's day. I celebrated to the extent I can as a missionary. (Meaning I got my companion a candy called 'obsesión' and wrote her a valentine). It said: Hermana Favero, Happy Valentine's Day. Don't have an 'obsesión' with love because you're a MISSIONARY. But you can love everyone. Because Christ does. Love, Hermana Brogan. It was pretty exciting. My companion thinks I'm really funny and dorky, so that's pretty nice.  :P

So I spent about half of this week getting better (I wasn't really sick anymore, just my energy wouldn't come back at all... so I was still kinda sick). BUT I finally asked the elders for a blessing, and they came over and Monday to give me one. The next day I was perfectly fine and able to work. I always worry about having enough faith when I get blessings of health, but it seems to work pretty well every time. So miracles happen. :) I like being a missionary. But, while I had to spend a day or two just laying in bed (my comp made me rest more just in case), we got a little trunky and started wedding planning (I blame Rachel!). But yeah, that was funny. I made up for it though later in the week spending a solid hour right before bed just laying there worrying about my investigators. Yeah, I really love these people a lot! Also, I'm getting to the end of reading Jesus the Christ! It's such a good (incredibly long) book. But I just read like crazy, because it's all so good! I love the story of Mary and Martha, and how he talks about them in there. He doesn't really reprove Martha, but just defends Mary for wanting to listen to Him. I love the respect Mary has for Christ. SO cool!

So we had a lesson with José. He decided we needed to be tougher with him. So we shared some harder scriptures and then taught him again about repentance. He's been going to church for about a year, and he just needs to move out so he can get baptized. His pareja told him the choice is up to him, but she won't marry him. SO he'll be looking for somewhere to live, and we plan on setting a date with him in March! We also shared about Zoram in 1 Nephi 4 with him and how he had to sacrifice a lot of things to go obtain the promise land, and had to make an oath too. So we talked about a covenant path, but how it requires sacrifice. I was happy to have found that analogy!

So they fumigated our room this week. How they do that here in Peru, they do every house on the street, knock on your door one morning, and have you get out of your room. So Hermana Favero had JUST gotten out of the shower, and we ran across the street to the pensions after getting dressed super fast. It was crazy! It's also kinda hilarious. I also took a picture. Yeah, definitely a different way of doing things!

We had a mission night this week (Just games with the ward, investigators, whoever we can get to come). We did a ton of relay races and it was a ton of fun!

So the elder's pension's husband is Hermano Antonio, our mission leader, and brother of our penionista. Anyways, Elder Nordhoff had been trying to teach him 'chubby' and Antonio was over at our pension, and tried to tell us. Well Hermana Favero and I heard 'shove it' and were like, Elder Nordhoff! Why would you teach him that. But then he called Elder Nordhoff to clarify the spelling, and it was just the word chubby. After we had tried to explain what shove it meant... Awkward moments.

We also have an investigator who's super challenging, Mari, but I really like teaching her! She basically just wants biblical proof for everything. (We started with the plan of salvation with her because of her son who passed away. but luckily, Hermana Favero has tons of good scriptures from an invesitgator in her last area who was also hard. But once we show her scriptures, she's totally on board. So I hope she can start progressing. We soft committed her to baptism, but she won't come to church yet. One day! I have hope. :)
That's about it for my crazy week!
love, Hermana Brogan
Apartment getting fumigated

Pension's backyard

Haley's fabulous companion

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