Monday, February 23, 2015

February is almost over..time flies

 I'm doing great today, and I've been feeling better for quite some time. I feel like days are eternity, so I don't actually remember how long ago I was sick. It just feels like a long time ago. Haha, I still sing and dance like crazy (in our room), no worries. Aw, I miss Zion's Choir so much! I hope they get to perform more soon.  The weather here (and always in Jaen) is HOT. It is always burning up! And my comp hates it. Luckily I grew up in California so I like it (most of the time). It is hard to proselyte in the heat though. Sounds like things are going good back home! Keep being awesome! (Haley was answering some of my questions here..I think you can figure out what I asked.)

So as for my week. I had a really hard week in all honesty. We had our investigator who was GOING to get baptized this week decide not to come to church yesterday, and had 'just a little bit' of beer on Friday for his birthday. So we've got some work to do with him. (He's 80, so it's kinda hard to change). He has desires though. He just needs a little more time. It was also hard because it's so hard to find new investigators in our area. Contacting is almost impossible here. It's all kids or young men, so we can't really contact them.

 But as for the good and normal:
We went to a chacra (a little farm) for pday last week and made some sort of peruvian food. (Just fried dough of some kind). It was fun to hang out with our district though. Only 2 out of the 6 of us are Latino, and so they have started praying in English in our meetings (the Latinos are supposed to be learning English out here). They're doing really good! Also, the elders made us chocolate chip cookies for our district meeting this last week. That's like unheard of down here. It was AWESOME!!! Hermana Favero's birthday is today (Happy birthday to her!). So she got a package last week. Her mom sent me a pencil that had a Minnie snow globe on it. It was so sweet of her! I took a picture of myself with it with Hermana Favero's camera. She also got new music- and one of the cds is a missionary tribute cd. So there's this one song that starts with a bunch of kids saying the date they can turn their papers in, and then it's just a song that's sung by the kids that's super upbeat, and makes me feel so good for being out here! (Even though I only knew for about a year that I was going before I came). I just LOVE the enthusiasm for missionary work that's growing even still since the age change. I love the mission, and I'm so glad it's getting even bigger!

We also helped the EQ president with his English assignment this week. He had to write a recipe for jello cake (it's a thing here) in English. So that was kinda hilarious, and fun to help with.

Sometime's I do things that freak my companion out because it's out of character for me- like asking for directions from a random lady in a shop to the closest internet.

We had an amazing lesson with Mari this week (we finally started the restoration with her!), and she listened really intently, but we haven't been able to find her since! Hopefully this week. I really want to know if she prayed. She's really close to the spirit, she just needs to have an open mind! (Also another discouraging thing was not being able to find her).
It was Hermana Favero's turn to get sick (only for a day- something different), so I finished the entire missionary library, including the 800 page Jesus the Christ I had already started).  I also planned out a lot of my immediate future after my mission. So that's nice.

So then last night, I kinda just cried a lot. But it's okay, because that hasn't happened in like 9 weeks (first time in this companionship), so I read my patriarchal blessing (and letters from Rachel which made me crack up). But this is the first time I've read through my blessing since I've gotten it that it felt like Heavenly Father was talking to me in the moment. I was just overcome with His love for me, and with tons of encouragement. I'm so grateful for the blessings that come from this church! Then Hermana Favero made me talk to her, and now it's her birthday, and I'm seriously in the best mood ever today! :D We went and took a ton of pictures (which this internet place doesn't have a way for me to send them, so next week. Sorry to tease). And I bought her lunch, and we decorated our room, and we're going to make cookies with our district later. So it's just what I needed. Pday can't have better timing sometimes. But I'm all ready to work this next week now!

I love you all! I hope everything's going good back home!
Con Amor,
Hermana Brogan

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