Monday, March 2, 2015

¡Oy, Estrella!

So lots about Peruvian dogs this week. So our pension's dog is named Estrella, and she is always eating our shoes, on our feet. And it's funny. She's just a really happy well loved puppy. It's the best part of meals! (The food too!) But it's very common to hear, 'Oy, Estrella!'

This week in sacrament meeting, there was a dog in the chapel! It just wandered in! It was so funny. So this one lady carried it out by it's front legs really awkwardly. It made me happy inside. Also, the day before, we saw this gang of dogs walking down the street, following this little girl dog. and then two of them started fighting. But the dogs leave the humans alone. Also, a lot of the girl dogs here HATE men. But are completely fine with women. It's so funny. I'm glad I'm a sister missionary. So I guess feminism is reaching Peru via dogs...

So like I predicted last week, there were a TON of blessings this week. Pretty neat. :) We changed around the limits in our area in our district meeting this week, so we got some streets where people are actually walking around (more businesses). So we can contact now!

We also found the elders on the street where we live this week, outside of a member's home (we can visit whatever member in our combined areas). But they were just out on the sidewalk, standing by Tatiana's (my pension's younger sister) pepper bush. It might not be HERS, but it's in front of her house. Really little tiny super spicy peppers. And Hermana Favero and I convinced them each to eat one. It was SO funny. They had to ask for water, and got super red and teary eyed, and all the fun stuff that happens when you eat a pepper you really shouldn't eat. I then tried one seed from one and it made my whole mouth burn. Too funny. :P (Yeah, we may be a little mean). But they knew more or less...

So we had to hand our favorite investigator José over to the elders. He's going to move out, so we can't teach him solo. But I invited him to baptism before that, and he accepted the date for the end of March. So hopefully that ends up working out! I really hope it does. He's amazing.
We did intercambios this week. Not fun. I'm better at contacting now. Also, the sister leaders had us drop a lot of investigators who aren't progressing, so we've got a lot of finding to do now.
We found this lady, Cecilia, who really needs to feel a relationship with her Heavenly Father, so it's really good to go over there and feel like I can actually help her with something immediately. Despite what she says about baptism. (Right now, not so big on it...) But she's super neat! She has a boyfriend or spouse or whatever they are. Covivientes. Who treats her not so great. So her self esteem is shot. He isn't abusive or anything, but he does get jealous of her having friends, and is just kinda a jerk who thinks women only belong in the home. But she's got a bunch of chickens up on her roof (there's always animals on rooftops here), so we went up there and got some pictures! She is also suuuuper uncomfortable praying, so that's fun to get her to do every lesson. We'll get her there.

Also, I got a little surprise in my district meeting this week. Yeah, mail doesn't take THAT long. ;) But I was SOOOOO happy! I love the pictures and the candy and the stickers and the glow sticks. But mostly the pictures. I've been dying for more. :) I'm really grateful for the Oakland temple one, and of all you guys of course. so THANK YOU! (And sorry that it's a month early, but I'm about a third of the way through transfer wise...)
Love you all!
Hermana Brogan
Haley got her package from home.

Chickens on the roof.

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