Monday, March 16, 2015

Working on finding

Okay, so still working on finding- so not too much happened lesson wise this week. BUT, there are some pretty amusing stories! :P

We went to teach Natali again, and before she sat down, her ten year old nephew was running around the house NAKED. 100 percent desnudo. So much awkward. I just looked really hard at my scriptures. But he went and put clothes on and we had an amazing lesson! She already recognizes the spirit. We asked her how she felt after teaching her the first vision, and she said it feel right. And it's something new, so this must be the right church. SO cool. Now we just have to get her married to her convivente. Like always...

The elders gave us a reference in their area of a single mom and her three kids. It is seriosuly the best. They have a six year old boy, and we were teaching them to pray. He wanted to say it, and we told him he could ask for whatever he wants. He asked- for money? We laughed. If you want, we told him. So cute. 

We also found a mom María and her two sons. Another family. So cool! We just did como comenzar enseñar with them, but Herman Favero is SUPER excited about it. I need to work on having more hope with investigators... But they are cool. :)

Also, we locked ourselves out of our room accidentally (And went and made copies of the key today, so that won't be a problem anymore). Our land lady, couldn't find the key. (She's disorganized. She found one last time... Also, Hermana Favero is in charge of the keys fyi. :P) But anyways, the bishop lives across the street from us (our pension's husband), and he and his daughters came over. The oldest, Milena, came up with an idea to go in through the windows over our door with a broom and unlock the door. And it worked. Nice to know the bishop's family knows how to break into a room. (The windows up top are just bars- no glass. And it's so nice to have a cool room at night!)

Last thing this week: We literally have a crazy lady living on our street. So Hermana Favero and I just thought she was on drugs earlier in the week. Our pension makes cakes, so she was over in her living room one night asking her to make her a cake. And I don't even know how to describe it. She was just weird. And then she was doing yoga the other day. And she was trying really hard to get men. Like cleaning the motos on the street and strutting around. Apparently (I didn't see this one, no worries), she was naked on the street yesterday, and so the police came and took her to the hospital. But the hospital said they didn't have room for crazy people, so her nephew, a cop, took her back and locked her in her house with a window open. Her neighbors took care of her last night, and she's going to Chiclayo to an asylum or something today. So seeing the police cars yesterday was eventful. We were just passing by the street in the middle of the day. Luckily we got to get the story from our pension. Gotta love her!

Also, we went with the sister leaders to a park today. I held a monkey's hand! I need to stop promising pictures because we keep ending up in weird internets, but I'll try to send a picture or two next week!
Love you all!
Hermana Brogan

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