Monday, March 9, 2015

no fancy title March 8, 2015

Dear Family, Rachel, whoever else reads this,

So I had a rough week again. Just a lot of stress, and me being a
perfectionist and hard sister leaders deciding that doing a second
intercambio would help... But luckily Hermana Williams (the
mission president's wife) is one of the most amazing women on this
planet. I think I'm really going to change around how I do personal
study in the morning and focus even more on studying by topics. She
gave me the hugest list of comforting scriptures and hymns, and told me
how good I'm doing, and all that fun stuff. So after that phone call,
I've been back to my normal self. 

As for our area, like I said last week (I think), we've dropped most if not all of our investigators because they either were really cool, but needed to be given to the
elders, or weren't progressing. And so we have been contacting our
hearts out (so not fun after a while). But I'm really good at street
contacting now. We have found two amazing ladies. One, Chayla, is
awesome. She is really sincerely interested, and we've taught her the
first lesson so far. She prays already (not recites), and I think
she'll actually pray. We'll find out tomorrow. THEN, we found Natali.
She's 20. The missionaries visited her when she was 12. She went to
church back then. Remembers how happy she was. We haven't even taught
her the first lesson yet. We just did como comenzar enseñar, and
invited her to baptism, and she accepted! Also, it didn't really occur
as strange until now, because Peru, but she was just in a towel that
entire lesson. She let us in right when she was about to go shower...
And it's not even remotely awkward here. Peru is funny sometimes. You
know, just the best lesson we've had all week, and she was in a towel.

So President has been emphasizing baptism a lot since our mission is
highest in contacts in this area (South America Northwest or something
like that), but really low on baptisms. So we try to mention baptism
in every contact we make. We make our purpose here very clear. You'd
think that would scare people off. It does- the ones whose hearts
aren't soft at all, and so we're left with those who say no for the
time but really want to listen, and the amazing people like Natali. So
I'm really a big fan. Plus Satan's the one who has hidden motives. We
just put everything out in the light. I really like it. (It also works
really well with the culture. People are blunt here).

So this week's intercambio was again with Hermana Escobedo. My Spanish
has REALLY improved. We talked about normal stuff the whole time. And
she, in her Peruvian way, straight up told me I need to grow my hair
out, start wearing makeup, style my hair, and lose weight. Yeah,
thanks Hermana Escobedo. I laughed my head off when she told me that.
She told me I would't get married if I didn't. I'm not exactly too
worried about that right now. She also thinks you can't be exactly
obedient if you don't run for 15 minutes every morning, and went off
about that for like an hour. Yeah, that isn't actually a rule. But
aside from that, she was really funny. It's cool to get to know her.
I'm really excited to get my first Latina comp eventually. My Spanish
will get good when that happens. (I speak, my accent just sucks and
I'm still really shy with it).

Also, tomorrow is transfer days. But we get told if we have transfers
the Saturday before. No transfers. I get Hermana Favero for at least
another transfer. :)

Also, little moment that made me smile. Yesterday, while out
contacting, this little girl came running around the corner laughing
and screaming, and then her teenage older brother came around chasing
her, and caught her and picked her up. It was cute. It makes me happy
to see families like that. We're going to go contact their mom one of
these days. Hermana Favero magically knows who she is.

I love you all!
Hermana Brogan (Who almost typed her own last name Borgan... awkward)

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