Monday, March 30, 2015

Hope everyone's Spanish is good to read this one.....

Tell Sister Clark hi back! :) And the sisters.

So my week:

I had my intercambio. With Hermana Kennedy. Who is now one of the most amazing people I've ever met. I had the most spiritual day since I've been out in the field.We turned the lights off and laid in bed and must have been talking until midnight (she also has the prettiest southern accent!) But she told me so much about her life. I really understand obedience a LOT better now. It really is one of the best ways to show the Lord you love Him and trust Him. That you would do anything for him. Even the little things. :) She's changed the way I think about a lot of mission stuff. But my companion is a little homesick lately. I have been suuuper into working hard this week. We got our 100 conacts. And she feels a little lost now that she doesn't really need to support me emotionally anymore. Basically what I went through like 2 or three weeks ago. But she's getting out of it a bit already I think. :)
Last night was my turn to call and report our numbers to Elder Miranda. It was TOO funny. He called and asked how I was. I said cold. (Bueno, Hace frío). ¿Hace frío? Sí elder. ¿Frío? Sí. ¿En Jaen? Sí Elder. ¿Jaen? Sí. Soy de California, es por eso. Estoy lista para reportar. Yeah, Hermana. Pero no tenga frío. Está bien elder. Voy a tratar. Later on... ¿Contactos? Ciento seis. ¿Cuantos? Ciento seis. ¿Cuaantos? Contactos or contactadas? Contactos. Yeah ciento seis. ¿Cuantos? Ciento seis. Muuuuy bien Hermana. Felicitaciones. (Our mission is really contact focused. BTW). It was too funny. He couldn't believe me. 

We had a lesson with this lady who seemed really cool. But in the middle of the lesson, her dogs were playing with a  bat. Poor thing. So she put it in a dust pan, walked it through the house, out to the front. Then the dogs escaped out front. And her two friends came over (we got to conact them while Rosa chased her dogs down. Heavenly Father really helped us contact this week. Even in a lesson. But then we went over yesterday, and she ran inside her house and was totally avoiding us! So we left and her dog followed. So we went back, and her daughtr took it in. It somehow got out again and followed us around the block AGAIN. But we just let it be. But we met this lady right then who was going to church 2 years ago, but then traveled and didn't go back. But she went for a couple months. Hopefully now is her time!

On the intercambio, we contacted this lady. Do you think you'll be with your family after this life? No. No no no. Do you want to be? No. No no no no no. That actually pained me a little bit. Anyways, we finally got into her house. Started teaching lesson 2 (after convincing her it's good to be with your family), and in the middle of the lesson she got up and walked away! To her kitchen. We told her we were almost done, and she said, another day. So we just got up to leave, and then she gave us juice. (It was the grossest chicha ever. And I love chicha!) It was so funny! Hermana Kennedy and I decided if we were ever going to teach someone unprepared, it may as well be that funny!

Also, have you showered with a   bucket? Because I have! I was all soaped up when 'they' (whoever they are) turned the water off. Yet again. Luckily we store water in buckets now. Not right man. But hey, now I can say I not only had to take cold showers (so nice here), but that I've showered with a   bucket, Haha.

It was POURING the other day. The street literally looked like a river. After a lesson with Norma who wants to know for real if Joseph Smith was a prophet and we have living prophets, but thinks it's too much to ask God for an answer when he already gives her so much. That was a cool lesson. I felt very led by the Spirit. :) But then back to the river. There were four kittens drenching wet! So Hermana Favero and Saira (the member we went with) picked them up and we went and took them to her house. They lived!

We taught an adventista couple. The husband walked in and then tried to convert us. At least it was out of genuine concern for the welfare of our souls. So yeah, we're not going back there. They aren't quite ready. Well he isn't at any rate. 

Women's conference was awesome! I've been really close to the Spirit lately, so a lot of it (specific phrases) were confirmations of what the Spirit has been teaching me. SO COOL. But also what stuck out was what I have promised. I promised God to be obedient, to comfort and lift others and that's how I can show Him my love because He loved me first. He loves each one of us and NEEDS us. He wants us to go back home to Him! So good!

Don't contact white guys. They're rude.

This lady CONFUSED our church with another. So we are now Movimiento misional de los mormones. Fun conact.

The kids remembered my name! On one of the streets. I heard out of the blue... "La Hermana Brogan" That's a first. Usually it's my comp. My name's hard here!
And finally, on intercambios, Hermana Escobedo misdialed us. So we told her she had the wrong number. Then we went to Zoila in the Elders area, ran into the Elders. Hermana Escobedo called them and Hna Kennedy answered, ¿Qué Quieres? What do you want? So funny. We convinced her she misdialed again. So mean. SO funny.

Love you all!
Hermana Brogan

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