Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! (Yesterday) Merry Christmas! (Today. If you have questions please refer to Jesus the Christ). And hope you all enjoyed (and watched) general conference! Mom, thanks for getting me out of Jury duty. At least for a year... I appreciate that. Seeing as I'm across the world. And can't do too much. Uh, so for Easter, I ate half a boiled egg, and two cadbury eggs. So it was very Easterly. But it really was. It's like an Easter egg hunt every day trying to find new investigators amongst the many who want nothing to do with us! Also got to contact using Christ being resurrected. So that was a really cool experience. (We've been doing that for the last bit with the whole He lives video going around). 

So conference rocked. It's like missionary holiday! I cannot even begin to explain just how much I got out of it! But I'll just mention one talk and comment in a non spiritual way on it. I LOVED the talk that compared music and dance to the Spirit and living the gospel. SO good. SO true. We really do need to be in tune with the Spirit and feel the beauty of the gospel. And it talked about dance. SO THEN, I remembered one summer of my high school life when I was up in Provo with Becky and we were stopped at a stoplight. With the music on. And dancing. And so a random Utah dad or something like that, started dancing when the light turned green as he passed us. Awkward? No. Funny? Yes. :)

But that isn't about my mission, so this week:
We found this girl, Luz, who's about 20 and isn't actually living with a boy. And we've just done como comenzar enseñar with her, and she told us that she feels like she needs something more. I am SO excited to start working with her! We're also making some progress with a new investigator from last week Clara. We couldn't find her this week to invite her to conference, but her response to baptism after the first lesson wasn't a flat out no. It was 'todavìa.' I just hope that I can continue to testify, teach and help the Spirit teach her! But she really feels the Spirit, and I can really imagine the change the gospel will bring into her life if she so chooses. So still finding and trying to get an investigator base, but we're also seeing small little miracles, even if it's just in the form of todavìa instead of a no. But the Spirit was so strong in the lesson with her, and I was prompted to just keep testifying, and I shared an experience with a priesthood blessing up to the point where we invited her. So it was just amazing.

Last pday, a random song from Rudolph came into my head. It's the sadder one with the lost toys. Hermana Favero totally thought that part was an entirely different claymation movie. SO I then relayed the entire plot of Rudolph to her. Yeah, I've seen that movie a ton. I cannot deny that I am excited to watch that and Annabelle's Wish in two Christmases. :P 

We also found Natali in the middle of the week. We just felt to pass by her house. I love going to an investigators house and them swinging the door open telling us to come in. It's so welcoming and warm, as opposed to us trying to get in doors most of the time. But she's awesome! She's been reading the Book of Mormon and praying (correctly even!) and still hasn't gotten a response. So she's being great and still trying, still searching. I love that she has patience. The Lord is trying her faith, but I know if she keeps doing the good things, and keeps adding on (next step is getting her to church), she'll get her answer. She's an example to me.

We were going strong with contacts this week (our mission is really contact focused- have I mentioned that?). We had 28 on pday and Tuesday. And then Wednesday, Hermana Favero randomly got a kink in her neck. She she was told by Hermana Williams to stay home, rest, and ice it, so we didn't get to do much work for two days.  And then with conference... yeah our numbers were low. But hey, it happens.

 Dad, yes, we do have snickers here, so no, I don't miss too much from the states. I do miss peanut butter, but I can honestly wait. I do miss being able to have the freedom to choose what to eat.
So we're friends with a store owner here. And she will sometimes randomly give us bananas. But this week she had guava on her counter, and we said we'd never had it before. So She gave us two. When I commented that we were going to take pictures to send home with them, she took them back and gave us bigger ones. Too funny. Anyways- here's a selfie I took with Guava. Shame. And also us tracting. (Did I already send this one home? No clue...)

Also, random fun fact, I got to watch conference in English. We all go to the stake center, and they give us our own classroom, pull a TV in there and give us the English channel. There's pictures somewhere. Maybe they'll appear on Facebook before I go home!

Haley and her companion tracting

Haley's Jaen district

Haley with her guavas

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