Monday, April 27, 2015

Being contacted in English is really awkward

Family and friends,
Being contacted in English is really awkward. The Elders came over to get the leftover of the mission money I got for the doctors, and so Elder Nordhoff decided it would be fun to contact us... in English. Still using Spanish phrasing, but in English. So much awkward. He finally slipped at the end and said a word in Spanish. We really are only missionaries in Spanish... It was funny.

I met my new sister leader this week. Hermana Chandler. I don't know her well yet, but she's really funny and sweet. Apparently, now that el profeta has left, my comp is el profeta. Which makes me first counselor. And Estrella (my pension's dog) the second counselor. So much apostasy in this joke. So much. Also, it's Estrella because right before last cambios, Elder Miranda called us telling Hermana Favero that she had transfers to open up Bagua again (lie) and that I would be training... Estrella. Well our contacts would be up at least, she talks to everyone!

Yeah, so in district meeting, Elder Miranda brought one of those puzzles where two seemingly unconnectable pieces are supposed to be separated (they're like metal). So he gave us each 30 seconds to try. All the other sisters went first, and then it was my turn. I solved it. I kill object lessons sometimes. It's not my fault I was born into my family where we do these kind of things way too much! Everyone said of course it would be me who solved it. Too much attention! But really, I was pretty proud of myself.

Lessons this week were pretty normal. Yesterday, two lessons in a row had Titanic playing. So apparently it was on tv. Good thing we have the right to tell them to turn it off!
Sometimes I'm just really straightforward when I teach now, never thought that would happen. We invite almost everyone to baptism in the first lesson we have with them now, too. Tania and her daughter Billy yesterday said yes. They don't even know anything yet. Not really. So that was cool. That whole lesson was like a counseling session. Well, we just sat there and listened to their mother daughter problems for about half an hour and have decided we're going to start with the gospel. (Lesson 3). So it will cool teaching them. Billy told us she would love to be baptized, but has to forgive herself first and change. Well, she's kinda got the concept of the gospel down already!
That's really about it for this week.

Dad, the weather is hot. Not Venezuela, but hot. I am grateful for my sunscreen which I usually remember to wear. But sometimes it decides to rain, or rather, pour down hard! And then it dries up super fast. But it's green, and pretty, and California type humid, so I feel pretty much at home. Just a little hotter.
Well, love you all!
Hermana Brogan

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