Monday, May 4, 2015

Rumors are kind of fun!

So for this week. Cool things. First off, a little funny story. Back in the days of my first comp in the field, we were at the Christmas party. My comp makes some comment about how the skits we were watching at the time are so immature. Little did I know that my future comp was in the seat right ahead of me. She heard the comment and thought it was me who made it. She leans over to her comp and comments on how she can't believe I just said that! Well, fast forward to intercambios. She hears I'm going to be her comp so she tells Hermana Fairchild along with two other sisters that she thought I was so stuck up and now karma is getting her and we're going to be comps. Then she realizes my real personality and feels bad about it for about three transfers until she tells me. I think it is TOO funny. :P She felt so bad she held it in for over 4 months. She told me and I just laughed. Reminds me of middle school when a rumor circulated about me crying over getting a math problem wrong (I was really just upset Becky had left for college). That one got back to me too. Also made me laugh. Rumors are kinda fun!

Yesterday we had a really boring lesson in sunday school about the sabbath day for like the third time since I've been in this ward. I say that with all honesty because ironically, it was the thing that saved our lesson with two adventistas who asked why we keep Sunday and not Saturday holy. Well, thanks to the elders in church, I knew to pull out Hebrews 8 and Matthew 26. Perfect! But really, this couple is really neat! They're humble about listening to us instead of trying to convert us like the last adventista couple we taught. They also don't lie or make excuses as is common in this culture. So I know when they said they'd pray about Joseph Smith that they really would. I really am praying they get an answer.

We met Deysi yesterday! She has a son who is three but is still learning to talk because he was really sick for a while as a baby. He just recently started walking. Well, we're all excited that she's in a state of life where the gospel will really help her out! Well, we didn't know just how prepared she was until later when we learned she used to live with a Mormon family and go to mutual a veces. She has also received the missionaries before. We invited her to baptism when she knows our message is true. She said yes, once she knows more. Perfect! I'm so excited to get started with her. Also, in the background of this lesson, her nine year old had already picked up the plan of salvation folleto and was reading it. So cool!

The sister leaders had a very important question for me the other day. What kind of music I listen to at home. They told me they had it down to rap or opera. Glad they don't think I'm a just like everyone else. :P Too funny. I never know how to answer that question, though, because I really just go through phases... But no worries out here. I just listen to what my comps have. For five months straight... Have I mentioned how long three and a half transfers is? I'm really grateful I like my companion a lot. But there comes a point where we just have the same conversations all the time.
So at district meeting, Elder Miranda asked if we had been inviting people to noche misional. Hermana Kennedy: Màs o menos. Bueno... Menos que màs.

We headed to dinner Tuesday night I think it was and found a lovely note from the elders saying sorry for eating our dinner, but the empanadas were really delicious. They left us one. But they reassured us it was delicious. I don't get why the elders eat at our pension sometimes... But then Hermana Doris made us more. It was just super funny.

Well, those are my stories! The work's going.
Hermana Brogan

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