Monday, May 25, 2015


 Flor is now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. It's so wonderful! She was awesome! So she hates public speaking, but got up and bore an amazing pure, powerful testimony. (Instead of the normal new convert thanking everyone for coming a million times) She testified she knows the Book of Mormon is true, and it was amazing. Small miracle- she had a cold earlier in the week, Thursday and Friday. So she, my comp, and I all prayed about it so she could enjoy her baptism. It went mostly away, and she felt a ton better on Saturday. Then got a cough on Sunday. So seriously,she was better just for her baptism. SO cool. :) Beforehand she was super nervous, but afterwards when we asked how she felt, she just kept saying feliz. With a big smile. She already has a small assignment in church to be the class greeter for Sunday School. She just welcomes everyone and assigns prayers. But it's perfect for her to get comfortable speaking in front of people. She is going to be such a strong convert!

So we set a fecha de rescate with Hermana Esther today for the 28th of June. She's completely ready to come back- she just needs her testimony strengthened, a review of all the lessons, and that's about it. She had a dream the other week that it's time for her. She used to be a pension for the missionaries in Bagua (which is currently a closed area), and Relief Society president. And she was sealed in the temple. So, she knows a lot. It's just been time. She comes to every meeting (including activities) and never drops an appointment. So she's gold. I'm excited to have a rescue. We have cambios next week. We're both pretty sure I'm staying and will be getting a Latina comp and Hermana Favero will be going. But she only has three weeks on me. And of course we can never be sure.

So another story of reporting last night. 'Bautismos.' Uno. 'Confirmaciones.' Uno. '¡Cómo se llama?' Elder! 'Como se llama?' Elder. Enserio. 'Sí hermana.' Bueno. Hermana Flor. 'Hermana Four? Cuatro?' No! Hermana Flor! 'Four? Cuatro?' Silence on my end. Looks like he's been practicing his english. 'Hallo?' Hola elder. 'No, como se llama?' Hermana Flower. 'Oh! Hermana Flower Alverca Castillo (talking on the other end) castle' Si elder.

Um, so I had to teach about humility at this last district meeting. I started out with thank you Elder Miranda for asking me to speak on humility. We all know I'm the perfect example of it, so I figured I'd just talk a bit about myself. I, Hermana Brogan, was born of goodly parents in the year 1805. In 1820... Etc. Yeah, I've been in this district for a while. But it actually ended up being a super good lesson! I learned a lot! We all have different perspectives of what helps us be humble (I focused a lot on the how to of humility). It was cool. We talked a lot about knowing who we really are, and that everyone is our own brothers and sisters. And how from that knowledge and recognizing the hand of God in our lives, we can really become more humble.

So we broke our mirror accidentally (it fell while we were gone). So we called the zone leaders, and they just went and got one for us. After district meeting, really excitedly they told us they had a present. They actually wrapped it! In wrapping paper! Too funny.

Also, we found a marble on the ground and Elder Otivo told us that he has always found a marble every time he has a baptism. We told him we have one on Saturday. So that was neat. Shared tender mercy!

A fun contact this week. Puedo regalarle una tarjeta? Si... Como se llama? Jesús. Uh... sí, pero cómo se llama Usted? contact continues...

That's all! Love you all! thanks for your prayers and support!

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