Monday, May 18, 2015

Mission President came for a visit....

Alright, my week. So the sister leaders are now sacrificing the rest of their fasting for their lives to fast for my personal fame as a rap artist, pianist, professional dancer. :P  No, but last night, for daily planning (we had nothing left to plan for), I wrote a rap for the sister leaders asking them to go to the market with us today and asking about Hermana Kennedy's health. Too funny.

But let's see.  So we had a noche misional this week, and had Hermana Esther come. She was suuuuper reflective. It is so time for her to come back to the church. She made picarones for us today! They were yummy. She used to be a pensionista back when she lived in Bagua (I hope I wrote about her last week, if not, somebody email me and tell me so I can give you the story!

Oh, and *F* baptismal date is the 23rd. Happy 8 month mark to myself! I am SO excited for her though. She is so ready, and already acting like a member. She just gets it. I love that I won't need to worry about her staying strong in the church (at least how it is now). She's amazing.

Then I had an intercambio with Hermana Chandler this week. She's got 14 months or so in the mission, and she's the best! She's so funny, and we just had a blast- contacting and teaching. So we went to a lesson with this street contact, *Y*, and we were just going to go in, explain more about what we do and maybe teach a short thing about prayer. So before the lesson we decided, (since I want to work on using the scriptures more when I teach), k one of us gets the scripture, and one does the baptismal invitation. So I ended up with the scripture of course. Well (oh, and we were in my area again. I LOVE directing my area), we go in with this plan, but then she tells us she just wants to know which of all the churches is true. Well, I figured we're missionaries, not movie writers, so we have no need to leave her with a cliffhanger. So I told her, yeah, we're going to tell you about a boy named José who had this same question and teach her all of the first lesson. It was the best! She got super excited and wants to baptize herself and her whole family in the church (we'll have to tell her about the whole marriage thing next time we go. So many convivientes here). But she's super neat. We also had to tell her she can't baptize her 2 year old. She asked if it was bad, and Hermana Chandler was like,' well...' And I cut in and just said yes. (Reference the book of mormon). But explained why too of course. Mostly that children are innocent, and she said, yeah, that makes sense. So Suuuper neat! Hermana Chandler told me that Hermana Kennedy told her to prepare for the most spiritual day of her mission with me. Talk about high expectations. But it was mostly just super fun. Spiritual, sure, normal, but super fun! Hermana Kennedy just said that because she's super spiritual and pretty much gave me the most spiritual day of my mission on our intercambio a while back. :)

The next day, President and wife came up for interviews. So we did those. President was super nice, told me I'm a good person and that I'm changing the mission. So that was neat. :) Aside from that, just an interview. I don't know him too well only seeing him every three months, so I have a hard time just talking (despite emailing him every week), so he just kinda talked to me. Told me the mission is going to bless my marriage and future callings. I'm not even in my last interview yet and he already mentions marriage! Yikes!

Afterwards, Hermana Williams had nothing to do, so she decided to come with us in our area for a couple hours. We went and taught *N*. And of course her family was insane! Her kids are crazy, and *N* gets super distracted. But anyways, we just retaught the first lesson since they didn't get it the last time. I asked Hermana Williams to bear her testimony, and her Spanish is getting so much better! When she bore her testimony though, the spirit was just SO strong. It was cool. Afterwards, she told us that was one of the better lessons she had seen since we use scriptures and don't get thrown by questions, and both speak Spanish well. So that was a high compliment.

The next day was zone conference. President came up and told us his wife told him we taught perfectly. We said, well, there's always room to improve. He said, 'if my wife said it was perfect, then it was perfect.' President has really changed a lot from cracking down on the rules to showing us a ton of love and lifting up a ton since last multizone. It was suuuper uplifting! We discussed Jacob 5 at the end, and he told us we are the 'other' workers. He gave us the statistic of what percent of the world missionaries are, and it really is few. I don't have the number on me though. It's like .002%. Something like that. Maybe another 0. But he focused a lot on how we're here to get the 'fruit' that's ripe. He wants us to refocus on baptisms a lot. In the middle, we did a little game where we had to find ten hidden objects in the room. Well, Elder Miranda ALWAYS points at nothing to get us to look. As a joke. So, I realized this was the perfect opportunity. I called to him, and pointed. He looked. Hah! Victory!

Oh, also little joke in our district is that we call the elders princesas. Because they are always getting free moto rides from the ward around the area, to church, etc. Well, they went with president and got to go in his CAR. Princesses indeed.

I played my song I wrote before my mission for the sister leaders. They both loved it and Hermana Chandler wanted to record it. Made me feel good. I'm also glad I still remember it. Also, that's why I am going to become a famous pianist. ;) (See joke above)

AND, por fin, *F's* daughter, 15, wants nothing to do with us but she showed up to church for stake conference yesterday! I am amazed! We'll talk to * F* about it tonight. Super neat though. Also, at conference, President shared the parable in Matthew 29 of the mototaxista. He's like Christ who knows the path and all the holes and turns and perils of the road. We just have to trust Him, and we'll get to the Celestial Kingdom safely. (In the parable being the church).

K, it's long. I'll stop there. I love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Brogan

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