Monday, May 11, 2015

Just talked yesterday.

* Note from Haley's mom: We Skyped with Haley yesterday and she looks very happy and content. Still loving Peru and her companion. She says the only problem with her companion is that they have been together too long they've run out of stories to tell each other about their lives. I never considered that could be a problem, but I guess so. She insisted on writing today after I told her she didn't need to since we just talked yesterday so here you go.........Haley:

Yeah, so to tell the world about *F*: She appeared one week in
sacrament meeting. And a member introduced us. Her husband is a menos
activo (and coming back strong to the church), and they've been
married for two months. She is genuinely interested for herself, not
for her spouse, and that first Sunday made a comment in Sunday School
about knowing how not drinking coffee is a commandment, and it's hard,
but she has to do it.  So testimony about prophets. Check. But then we
met with her, tried to set  baptismal date for two weeks out, but she
said no. A few days later we presented her with May 16th (at the time
a month out) She said she'd pray about it. The third visit. We asked.
She said she prayed. We waited for the LONGEST moment, and she told us
that felt right. Due to her husband being in Lima though, we're
actually moving it again to the end of May- probably the 30th...
Before transfers so that her husband can be there, and to avoid stake
conference on the 16th which we hadn't known about. But her testimony
is so strong. She literally just needs the information, and just
absorbs it and has a testimony. She is also SO obedient. We've done
most of the lessons now, and are just working on commandments. She
accepts every single one. It's amazing. She is so willing to change
because she knows it's true. She is so amazing. And she has so much
light in her eyes! And she and her husband already have goals to get
to the temple. :)
So this week. We had a noche de hogar (FHE) for all our investigators
with baptismal dates. At the end, we played games including cat and
mouse. Where you have two ties (or whatever) and start them at
different point in the circle. The cat has to tie one knot and undo it
and pass it on, the mouse has to do two. I have NEVER had so much fear
of a tie before in my life. I lost. I knew it when we started that
round too. I thought, I'm losing this one. It's because *F* let her 7
year old daughter escape. No fair Michel! Also, Michel has a weird
habit of grabbing people's earlobe when saying hi or bye. Only people
she's close to though. It's weird. And funny.
We also played la papa se quema, which is the better version of hot
potato because you can't predict the end. A person (who lost the last
round) goes out of the circle and faces away and says 'la papa se
quema' however many times, and then ¡la papa se quemó!. The person with the
eraser (or whatever you use) lands on loses. Fun stuff!

That moment when you can't find an investigator because their house
has become a bar.

We had a very intense conversation about tongue twisters in a day full
of NO lessons because they all fell through. I still need to learn the
mi padre compro poco coco one... BUT I did learn Tres tristes tigres
and Peter Piper. :D Yeah, we get bored.

I celebrated cinco de mayo by... speaking Spanish?
Pretty unexciting week though.

Fun story that is not my own. Outside the chapel, a guy came up to the
Elders and asked them if they could help him get baptized. Elder
Nordhoff told us he was thinking, well, MAYBE we can help you with
that. YES. But really, he's a lot like *F*. Appeared out of nowhere
and is going STRONG. So our district is being blessed. :)
Okay, that's all for the week! I love you all!
Hermana Brogan

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