Monday, June 1, 2015

June is here.

So I didn't really plan out what to say this week, so it will be more spaztic than it normally is. Sorry!

We taught a new girl, Carmen on Monday. She's never prayed, only recited. So we taught her that prayer is like a conversation. Well, we have her say the closing prayer. She says, "Hola Padre Celestial.¿Cómo estás?" And literally just talked to Him. That was one of the most powerful prayers I have heard in a lesson with an investigator before! It was so cool! I wish everyone would grasp it as well as she did. I could tell she really knew he was listening. :) Beautiful moments on the mission. :)

MIRACLE: On Tuesday, we went to Hermana Flor's house. We brought the movie The Testaments with us (talks about Jesus' life and about the same time in the Americas up until He comes). Well, Flor's oldest, Alexandra, wants nothing to do with us. She wouldn't even come to Flor's baptism. Well, she sat through the whole movie with us. Hermana Favero, Kathy (our member who came with us), and I all bore our testimonies right after it finished. Then we asked for questions or comments, so Flor bears her testimony. Well, then Alexandra says she has a comment. She says that during the movie, she thought "no, this isn't true, this didn't happen". But when it got to the end, she said she just knows it happened. That it's true. Christ did come to the Americas. She also told us that she's felt a change since her mom got baptized. She's really recognizing the Spirit! She also said the closing prayer, and it was amazing. We'll start teaching her once they all get back from Lima. I can't believe how fast she turned around once Flor got baptized. I've known it would happen though. Things the Spirit has told me to tell her and what was said in her confirmation about her strength, example, and family. I just knew and know that Alexandra will be converted with time. It's amazing to watch the start of it. :)

Wednesday. District meeting! Well, Elder Miranda is dying today (from the mission- don't worry!) and left from Jaen yesterday. Which means Wednesday was his last district meeting. We may have taken pictures killing him with lightsabers and other random stuff. He also brought us like four full pacakges of cookies (oreos and MILO!). Of course he hands me the bag holding them and tells me to open it. Yeah, I'm the one who likes to eat. :P Then after, all the districts went into the gym to take a zone picture. Well, I got a letter from home, and little bookmarks fell out of it. So Hermana Kennedy shouts, "A ring? What? I want to marry you! What? TWO rings?!" Yeah real funny. And then right before we went to leave, I  went up to the sister leaders and told them that I saw a miracle yesterday. So Hermana Kennedy repeats it in a super girly voice blinking her eyes a bunch, and Hermana Chandler puts her hands in a halo over her head. They make me laugh SO much sometimes! Also, Hermana Kennedy gave me the funniest recuerdo that I'll have to show you guys when I get home.  I'm going to miss this district big time. This may be my favorite district ever. Later that night, Hermana Favero gave me the hugest compliment and told me that when I teach that you can really see the love I have for these people in my eyes and the Spirit, and my desire to share with them. She said it's just normal to her so she hasn't told me before since she sees it every day. Way sweet.

I learned from the Liahona magazine that fracaso means failure.

On Saturday, the Zone Leaders called telling me that my comp has cambios. I just said, okay. We've known from the way president talked to us in our interviews and the fact that we've been companions for a quarter of my mission!
That night we had correlation. Well since Elder Miranda is going home, Hermana Favero's getting changed, and it's Hermana Kennedy's birthday on Monday, that means it turned into a party. The pictures won't load, but due to peruvian tradition, we all ended up being attacked with eggs. So that was WAY fun! The elder's pension is the wife of our ward mission leader. So it's pretty easy to get parties like that going. ;) Also, Elder Nordhoff is apparently Justin Bieber, so Elder Miranda has been singing Baby all week. Too funny. But that got that song stuck in my head, so I wrote a parody for my comp and then wrote a parody to Apologize for the sister leaders and sang both of those at our correlation party thing. Whatever it is.
And then Yesterday Elder Miranda left and despite being suuuper annoyed, Elder Nordhoff sang him the opening 'oh's' of the song Baby for him. That's companionship love right there. But hey, now that he's gone, there will be many less jokes in our district. So sad. Also, I'm the next 'prophet' after Hermana Favero.

So there's my week! I love all of you so much! Have a great week. Peace out til the next pday with news on my comp!
Hermana Brogan

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