Monday, June 29, 2015

Change is good, right?

Okay, not THE dedication in Trujillo, but at the stake center. I did not leave Jaen. Just clarifying. But it was amazing. The talks were so good! Elder Bednar hit SUPER hard on the importance of family history work. How we do it for OUR dead, not THE dead. And the salvation of our antepasados is in our hands. As is theirs. We're responsible for this work. President Uchtdorf spoke on a story by Tolstoy about a man named Martin who served a bunch of strangers and how we need to be kind to all those around us and not judge them. It's so important to see everyone as our own brothers and sisters and just be kind to them. The temple was BEAUTIFUL, and it was so spiritual being in the dedication. It was a blessing to listen to all three dedications.

Now speaking of the Trujillo temple. Well, there's a new mission being formed, and I'm kinda sorta getting emergency transferred (I leave in style. Forget the transfer timeline) to the Trujillo Norte mission. The mission with the temple in it. So I leave today. And am leaving the too good to be true companionship of Hermana Waite and I who walk through the streets singing tacky 90s music and Taylor swift and go to cemeteries for fun and jump on trampolines. I'm SO sad to leave here. I called Flor last night (she's in Lima), and she sounded SO sad I was leaving. It broke my heart. She thanked me so much for teaching her and asked why we had to get so close and then I have to go. I almost cried after that call. Her daughter came to church despite her migraine yesterday (Alexandra), and she's going to be baptized hopefully in three or so months. She truly wants it! I will miss that family more than I can express. They are so great to me! Hopefully they can get sealed one day, as a whole family! :) But more than anything, I'm grateful to have been here. I'll miss my district a TON and the ward members. One girl gave me earrings as a going away present so that I'd pierce my ears. That may be something I do when I go home... ;) We watched 17 miracles last p-day. I cried the entire second half. The amazing part is the reality of these miracles. The pioneers were truly amazing- and the Lord's tender mercies to them are so BIG. I was so full of the Spirit after that weekend of the dedication and that movie. So amazing!

One of the other sisters' investigators got baptized, and we brought our other great investigator Leyla, who wants to be baptized. So it was awesome. Michelle, who got baptized, is dating a ward member Fausto. He baptized her. And brought her a cake. And they both wore white. And we ended singing families can be together forever. A preview? I think so. ;) He wants to marry her, but she doesn't want anything serious. But who knows now. Last I heard that was the news a few months ago!

Okay, so Hermana Kennedy (also emergency transferring with me) had a dream two nights ago that she was going to get transferred and not have time to say bye to anyone. She LOVES this area and her comp, so it was a terrible dream for her. The worst part is that's exactly what happened the following morning. Poor girl. Hermana Chandler also said she was feeling like I'd be transferred and be a trainer. Haha, we'll see about that one. (After what Pres said though- it's plausible. Yikes!!!)

Ummm, that's about it. No crazy stories this week that I can think of. Just working hard and loving the life! (And eating popcorn from a primary activity after the baptism was over! :) )

But next week I'll be writing from a new mission! Look out Peru!
I love you all, sorry if this wasn't the most interesting email!
Hermana Brogan

Random museum picture.

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