Monday, June 15, 2015

An investigator with A/C!

Sorry, little time to write! I got so excited about all the emails and lost track of time.

So first off, Happy Father's day Dad! And to all the fathers out there who read this (maybe Dallin?)

So we taught Alexandra this week and invited her to baptism without a date. She said yes. She's made a complete 180. It's amazing. But then she did the whole teenager thing and didn't wake up for 8am church. (I, of all people, totally understand, but at the same time- not okay.) So that was disappointing. We also got another girl we've been teaching, Leyla, to agree to pray about a date. Hopefully she gets an answer! She's had a quiet conversion- no loud answers, but she recognizes the truth with everything except hasn't gotten (or recognized I think) an answer about Joseph Smith yet. But we'll see what happens.

Our investigator Yolanda, is really slow to understand, but has desires to be baptized and remain in the church. But she doesn't get that there can only be one true church yet. I've told her like 5 times... But she isn't married to her husband, and they have a girl. She says she'd separate from him to get baptized- but of course that is not preferred. (and we aren't encouraging that) Hopefully we can get him to convert and baptize the family! We met him for the first time last week, and he gets what we're saying a lot easier- but also is super confused about what he believes. She prayed at the end of the lesson that God would change him so they could all be baptized. I thought that was funny. But I also know God hears prayers. We'll see what happens. :) Her desire is so there though!

We found a neat family this week, a single mom and daughter. They live in a nicer house with AC! and she's totally receptive and understands what we're saying. Hermana Waite and I were discussing this week how people here pretty much all say the same thing. ie Have you prayed to know if Joseph Smith is a prophet? Oh, yes. I pray. Every night. I pray. Yes. But, specifically about Joseph Smith? no. I cannot tell you how many times we have that conversation. But with Katherine, it's totally different (and all our progressing investigators).

Esther didn't come to church this week (we called and asked if she was getting ready). We went and taught her last night and she told us she came, but the doors were closed for sacrament and then her friend called cause she had a baby. Well, fair enough. Also another menos activa gave birth this week. All the babies!

We taught some testigos de jehovah and we asked if they could say the last prayer. The grandma says: We don't pray outdoors. So we offered to go inside. So she said, no, out here. but just a short one.  Oh please! Too funny.

We found our adventista couple Elmer y Sarai this week. Elmer is so interested and his wife isn't. but he's a start. He gave us a reference too! He's going to read and pray about the Book of Mormon! It's so nice that he doesn't try to convert us!

Flor came with us to teach, and I feel like a proud parent watching her testify and help others out! So amazing!

Aside from that, life is funny, and amazing, and I love my companion so much! She's a lot less shy about being weird. We're going to jump on these random trampolines that appeared in our area a month or two ago today. :)

Oh, and we figured out "lo siento" best translates to "I feel ya".

Love you all!
Hope you have a good week!
Thanks for the support!
Hermana Brogan

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