Monday, June 22, 2015

Picnic in the cemetery

Hello world! Thanks for writing me and supporting me out here! This week was another great one! (It helps to have a great companion!) But, we are scared our time together will be short. President has told her twice to learn her area fast, so I think I may be out of here after this transfer. He also just wrote and reassured me that I'm a great missionary (not saying this out of pride, just hold on a sec), and that I need to prepare myself for change and for leadership. YIKES! That either means training or sister leader. Either one sounds way too far out of my reach. He then thanked me for my faith. Yeah, my weak little faith that I have, I'm terrified. But also secretly excited. It cracks me up- when I was in training, I thought, that would be so fun! I really want to train! And the further I get into my mission, the happier I am being a normal missionary. But... I know I can do whatever the Lord asks of me. (#stillscared) (#hopefullynotnexttransfer) (#wethinkweresocoolusinghashtagsasmissionariesinemailsandtalkingtoeachother) (#weallknowwerelame)

So speaking of us having zero pride with our interests- Hermana Waite helped me remember a song from the Lizzie McGuire movie! (all the shame). But it was hilarious. We called the sisters in Miraflores about going to have a picnic in the cemetery today, and when they picked up, we just started singing it. When I was with them for a day waiting for hermana Waite, we talked about that song, and I was able to come up with the chorus. Hermana Waite completes me. :P
No, but as for the cemetery, we randomly decided to go because there's next to nothing to do in Jaen, so why not? So that may be a little weird to us, but when we called our zone leaders (both Latino), told our pension, etc, they all acted like it was the most normal thing to do. Our pensionista got really excited about it actually and started telling us how pretty it is with benches and trees, and what kind of food they like to take, and all that stuff! Too funny!

Random story from last week. The zone eladers got permission to do a pday as a zone at the chapel (we can almost never do anything with the elders) to play volleyball and pingpong. And how many of the sisters went? Zero. Sorry elders.

Also, we did end up going to the trampolines. We got there right as they were disassembling everything! So they let us jump for like 20 minutes. But they were two awkward joevenes and just watched us (not creepily, just being bored). It was plenty awkward. I love having a companion who doesn't mind awkward.

So we taught Yolanda, who is really slow on the learning (and big with her faith), but she read the intro to the Book of Mormon, and when she asked what she got out of it, she said leer, meditar, y orar. Miracle. She got exactly what we always try to get at! Most people who learn faster don't understand it that clearly! The Spirit rocks! Just saying. :) Also, did I tell this one last week?
Also set a date with Alexandra. But it won't be for a while. Rules in the mission about youth getting baptized are strict. She could've gotten baptized at the same time as her mom, but she didn't have a testimony then, so she has to wait three months now, go to seminary, and read the entire Book of Mormon. But that will just make her a strong member. :) She also gave the perfect example of the atonement. She compared it to her dad having already paid for college, but that she still has to put in her part to get the grades. So true! If we want eternal life, we must live the gospel with faith and repentance, and baptism. She's a smart one. :)

Hermana Flor invited us to hot chocolate after a lesson, and the gave us paneton too! It was like Christmas! It was awesome! Also, I see a future missionary in Michelle (her eight year old). Hermana Flor's already talking about it as a possibility with her. Sweet! Also, free food follows Hermana Waite. People give us food all the time in lessons now- even first lessons. What in the world? She said it's always like that for her. I do not mind.

I got to go to the dedication and the cultural celebration. They were both amazing, and I felt the spirit so strong these last couple days. The Trujillo temple is beautiful. Hopefully I can go one day in the far future. ... ...President Uchtdorf was there as was Elder Bednar. They were funny. :)
Okay, out of time, wish I could've expanded more. But I love you all and miss you! Temples rock! I miss the temple. Satan has less power here now! Sweet! #Hasteningofthework

Hermana Brogan

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