Monday, March 23, 2015

Six month mark today!

So I am at my six month mark today. What the heck? Not cool time. Not cool.

We have found a really amazing family. We taught Deyla and her daughters yesterday (their dad works in Bagua, so he'll be there for the next lesson.) We just got to know them and taught them about prayer, and so Deyla said the prayer at the end, and prayed that we wouldn't forget to come back because they really need us right now. So COOL! We've contacted the father before too, so we already know he's cool. I'm excited to go back!

Also, Natali prayed about Joseph Smith, but didn't get an answer. So we gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to read, ponder, and pray. I really hope she gets an answer! She'll be hard though because she studies Saturdays and Sundays, so it will be hard to get her to church.

We're also teaching some presidents. Roosvelt (That's how he spells it) and Lincoln. And their mom, María. The son, Roosvelt is a LOT more interested than she is, but he's really really wanting to learn more, and would probably get baptized fast if we were allowed to baptize youth. But we have to get the whole family to do that. So this is the beginning of an adventure with them.

Fun fact of the week. It rained hard. And when it rains hard- no running water. Or electricity. So the last couple days have been an adventure. Hermana Favero is taking it harder than me. I'm not too bothered by it. They turn the water on for like an hour or two each day except today we haven't seen any yet. So we can shower and stuff. But man, brushing teeth at night and going to the bathroom is a party. But hey, I'm in Peru. I can't really say it's THAT unexpected.

Another fun fact: I say 'como' in Spanish just about as much as I say 'like' in English. I still talk like a teenager. Even with a language barrier. Great.

The sister leaders want to have ANOTHER intercambio this week on Wednesday. They are intercambio happy. And I might go crazy. Intercambios are always kinda hard for me. This time I'll be with Hermana Kennedy though, and it should actually be good. I'm staying in my area again like last time.

Also, what I learned this week: Gratitude. I was trying to figure out why, as a missionary, I just haven't been feeling like I used to before my mission. With the Spirit super strong, and being almost too happy, and all that good stuff. So I pulled out my journal from before my mission and read some of the entries, and that's completely what changed. With my first companionship in the field being super hard, and then just having my confidence shot, I totally lost my gratitude for a lot of things. And so I've been focusing on that a lot these last couple days, and I feel just like I did before coming out here, and in the CCM. It's so wonderful!

Aside from that, just contacting our hearts out and ending up with only... 66 contacts at the end of the week. I wish more people would walk around our area. But we're working on it.
We contacted an adventista this week, and she asked us why we worship on Sundays, and not Saturdays. UGH.

Also contacted a lady who thinks it's more important to care for dogs and cats nowdays than your fellowman. So she takes care of like 15 animals. She just talked a lot and was really weird.
That's about all though!
Love you all!
Hermana Brogan
The bridge was at a park we went to

Bienvenidos a Jaen

The pic with the monkey at Cascada Park from last pday

Welcome to Jaen with me and my comp. Also, there's motos in the background. That's what we always take to get places.

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