Monday, February 2, 2015

The Lord answers prayers

Family!!! First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!! Sorry I can’t do much else from here, but I love you and I hope it was a great day! Second off, I've learned a ton from Hermana Favero-teaching clearly and simply, to just relax when I contact (It’s still hard for me), and about her love of Barney. It brings me so much joy. She’s so funny and sweet. But it’s so hard to contact here, nobody really contactable is out and about… But we’re doing the best we can to contact families, and women, and knock doors. We were having a particularly hard night when I suggested we go pray. So that we did, with all our hearts. Hermana Favero said it, and afterwards we went to our desks to try to find answers. And she opened to Alma 31. The prayer he said was SOOO similar to what we had just prayed. And ideas poured out. We’ve decided to go through our area and knock every door a second time, and try harder to get ourselves in the door right away. And a few other things that are on a paper on our wall… But anyways, the next day, the Lord poured blessings out on us. Two people invited us in no questions asked, people were contacting us, and we had an amazing lesson with this lady, Pilar, who is looking to change her religion, and is very open and honest. I’m excited to go back!
So that was all super cool! Also, ever since a lesson we had last week, we have tons of kids who always come up to us to ask us how to pronounce their names in English. It’s usually practically the same. And with Spanish names, it IS the same. But sometimes they ask us other random words too. It makes Hermana Favero and I super happy. It is so fun!

Our baptismal date with the viajito Eduardo is going to fall through, he has to go buy medicine every Sunday or something like that. Our sister leader told us he does this- has baptismal dates and then it falls through again and again. We’ll do what we can though. Maybe this will be the time. Or maybe not…

So as for Jose, not much progress, but we haven’t visited him in almost a week. Next time we go, we’re going on splits with ward members, so it will be just me teaching him. I’m excited! And nervous to handle heading a lesson, but I know I can do it. I’m pretty sure Hermana Favero still has more confidence in my than I have in myself… Aaaand, Danny just wrote me an email saying talking on the phone in Spanish is the hardest. Glad one of my best friends is having the same trial as me. :P No but really, I’m loving that I speak Spanish!

We also had a lesson with Patricia this week. She already has the first three lessons, but we just haven’t been able to find her for a while. She’s super cool though. But I don’t have too many details on her yet. There were baby chicks running around during the lesson though. Kinda fun. And with Pilar, there were parrots. One of them knows how to laugh! AAaaand, while tracting, I pet a cow this week! Hermana Favero loves animals. She might be a vet tech when she goes home. So she is my brain with how to deal with the animals here. But I pet a cow! I love that there’s just cows around. :D

Also, whoever decides to write me, I’m going to start printing them out, so write me MORE, more details and whatever. I’ll have time.

 I love you all!

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