Monday, February 9, 2015

Spanish dream

Family! And friends,

So this week has been interesting. I got a little stomach bug, but I'm on my way to recovery! (Meaning I'm practically better.) But, something I've been forgetting to tell Dad (unless I already have) is that my companion's dad also served in Venezuela. Maracaibo. Pretty neat, seeing as both of there daughters are here serving in Peru! Also, I had my first Spanish dream this week! It was really sad though because in my dream I got sent home early (no reason given), but I was really sad to be home, so I found everyone Spanish speaking I could and spoke to them in Spanish about random stuff. Took me long enough!

We got TWO investigators to go to church this week! Elsi and Eduardo (one of the viajitos). Elsi was so cute, and so excited to go. And we finally got Eduardo there! We went to go pick Elsi up, and she asked us to go buy bread, but it was the Sabbath, so instead we went all the way back to our Pension to get some bread for her son to eat. It amazes me how humble the people are here.

Also, we have a new investigator Mari who I really like. She's kinda interesting though. SHe asks a ton of questions- partly to challenge us, but also partly to know. She had a son die of cancer a few years ago at the age of 7, so she was curious to know what happens after death. :) We left her on a cliffhanger with the plan of Salvation though, so next lesson!

Also, we had our "multi" (just Jaen) Zone conference (since we're like 7 hours away from the mission home, the mission president comes to us). And so I had my interview with President and Hermana Williams. Hermana Williams told me that my companion told her very wonderful things about me and how I'm doing really well here. So I asked Hermana Favero about it that night, and she told me that she told Hermana Williams that I've just been able to unwind here after my last companionship and that I'm just glowing. She's SOO sweet! And then President Williams was very impressed when I prayed in Spanish. He said it's always interesting how the missionaries will come back for their second interviews three months later and speak better Spanish than him. He's really funny. I told him only with the gospel. He said that's what I'm called here for, and if some peruvian went off talking about how their canary escaped from its cage, he wouldn't know those words either. :)
That's all for the week,
love you all!
Hermana Brogan

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