Monday, September 7, 2015

It Is Transfer Week and Haley Is..........

World! So this week. We've found two new investigators names Carmen who are single moms. Their kids are teens. Teens are fast to understand the doctrine and can help us explain it to their parents. I love it. 

Big news. Cambios are tomorrow. I stay, but I'm getting a new companion. Her name is Hermana Morales. Sounds Latina. :D Por fin! And I hear she's hilarious. So it should be a fun companionship. I'm really excited about it!

Um, last pday we found a guy with a monkey on the road. I took a picture of it. I also took a picture on a llama, but I need a better one. Next pday that they're in the plaza. 

Um, not many people came to church. Both Kati and Consuelo were out of town. But Isabel came. (We're trying to reactivate her so she and her husband can get sealed. She has a baby though and uses that as a reason to not come to church...) But President Marler told me about them, so I figure it's kinda an important focus. We just haven't been able to get inside their house to teach them yet. Edgar is always travelling for work, and Isabel is always 'busy.' Maybe some more prayer will help us get in those doors.

Also, I'm stoked to have a Latina comp so when we're teaching old people, or people who just really don't get my accent, I have someone to help me out. Haha. 

We were eating with the nonmember daughter of the branch president at lucnh last pday (or maybe tuesday...?). I don't know how, but she convinced us to let her feed us. So anyways, this random lady from Trujillo came by and asked the elders to bless her cousin or aunt or someone. The lady who lives in Otuzco's name it Maria. She's super old and hard of hearing. But totally willing to listen. She can't walk- so I don't know how we're going to get her to church. She also can't read. So we'll be reading with her a lot. :) She's cute though. Oh yeah, but this lady came by and dragged the elders over to her house to give her a blessing of health. Then dragged us along too so that we can start teaching her. Well, alright. If you insist on giving us a great investigator, then I suppose it's alright! :P

Then, we were walking to a cita one night on the calle Lima, when my comp realizes outside a MA house, there's a lady we haven't met. Well, she's the menos activa. Her name is Mery. She committed to come to church (and didn't come...). But she had us go meet her 89 year old dad, who's on his sickbed. He's literally skin and bones. So sad. But he lit up when we walked in the room. He can't hear, and can barely see. So we just showed him pictures of Christ, and awkwardly sat there for a bit and sang (even though he can't hear it), and prayed. But it was a cool experience. The Spirit was very strong in that room. Though he's Catholic, and when we showed him a picture of Christ, he started praying to it.... Yeah. Well, our visit comforted Mery too. We'll be visiting her and hopefully convincing her to come to church. 

That's about all for the week.

Hope you all have a great week!
Hermana Brogan

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