Monday, August 31, 2015

Learning to Swallow Pills

So my week! Well, I got a bit of a fever monday and tuesday, so we didn't do anything as I swallowed big pills as the mission told me to do. Mom, you'd be so proud of my pill swallowing skills I've gained. ;) No, but we missed some citas I was suuuper excited about. So that was kinda sad. (I have a goal of getting edgar, and his MA wife sealed. She actually showed up for the last couple hours of church yesterday! We haven't even gotten to visit them once yet...) But we're going tonight! And to Jenci too!

We tried to visit Amelia this week, and we couldn't even get very far in the lesson. Bah! My comp and I both felt prompted (and didn't follow it, because we both just thought it was our ideas until after the lesson) to tell her she already knows it's true. (She does. I know it.  She has grudges against her son getting married in the temple, and her husband getting baptized while they were separated). But yeah, I'm not giving up on her. I love her too much. 

We watched the Restoration video with Katy to help her get an answer. (I don't know how to spell her name. It might actually be Kati...)  But yeah, she's still looking. She's doing good. And preparing super well for baptism.

I was commenting in english one day about Broccoli saltado I saw on a menu AFTER eating lunch. SO I said, man why didn't we eat that? Healthy. Vegetables. Yum. Then we hear behind me this little boy exclaim, Vegetables! Haha. Yes, you do actually know real english words. 

Also saw random grafitti one a wall that said galletita. Don't want to know why that's really there, but I translated it in my head to little cookie. I thought, how's that as a pet name? My little cookie. It was just a funny random thought. (I think I'm going a bit crazy as a missionary doing all this walking around, haha)

We had an activity to go invite menos activos to church one night. Katy even came to that one. She's not even a member. It cracks me up. But she went with my comp and I in our team. :) It was fun. She's a ball of energy. 
The next day we cleaned our lovely casa capilla in the morning, and the nasty kitchen for a RS activity- to teach the women to make american cookies! (We made it sound SO cool!) It was way fun. Katy came. Juana came (she just sent in her mission papers on Sunday! :D)  Juana and I hung out a lot, since her best friend didn't come. Juana is SO sarcastic. We were going around introducing ourselves, including something we like to do. I was last, and was trying to be funny (I see so much of Dad in me sometimes), and listed a TON of things I like to do. SO Juana interrupts and says, yes Hermana Brogan, we get it. You like ALL the verbs. And then we played "never have I ever", but adapted it to their ability to understand the rules to just "me gusta" So you have 10 fingers, and if you like something too, you keep the finger. If not, you loose a finger. Last one standing wins. Well, Juana had to comment on how I like everything already, so I'll just win. Then she'd say things like, I like "that" for the sake of me not losing a finger. Hahaha. She's funny. 

Sunday, I played the piano like normal for the hymns (with my 6th grade skills, ahha. Thanks for the lessons mom. It's a small blessing for this branch. I'm the first missionary here who can play), gave a talk, did the special musical number, and taught gospel principles. Basically I was church. I spoke on missionary work. Its importanance!

That's about it for the week!
Hope you all have a great week! I love you!

Hermana Brogan

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