Monday, August 10, 2015

Teachings Galore.

Okay, so lucky you guys, I typically have about 45 minutes to write home. So even though I'm lazy, it will still probably end up being a decent size letter.

Okay, so we've had a really great week with the work here. But I've been feeling kinda... bored. I don't really know why. Probably because my companion and I have almost nothing to talk about together aside from the gospel. We're working on it. (We're friends, we just really don't have much of anything in common. Haha.) But we went to get her new shoes last week- they were DEAD, holes in the bottom and all. (Just how I like my shoes. But the quality is too good I think for that to happen.) But the girl in the store was AMAZED when we told her we learned Spanish just talking to people here. People always ask us.

Tuesday, we taught Amelia, our dueña. She doesn't really believe it yet, but this is the first real lesson we've had with her. We taught the plan of Salvation. (She needs a more personal connection with the Savior, and it all focuses on the atonement.) She told us she doesn't think anybody can go to the Celestial Kingdom. I explained you really don't have to be perfect- you just have to accept the Savior and try to progress. Heavenly Father is our Father and wants us HOME with Him, more than any earthly parent. She seemed pretty okay with the terrestrial kingdom. Uuuugh. That's okay. We'll go back to the restoration next time we visit her. Poco a poco. She needs a miracle though. En verdad. She's just such a great person, and if she would just let go of her grudge, she'd accept it. I know that part of her already knows it's true.
Later that day, we saw the elders about a block down, so we had a finger gun fight their whole walk down. Things that I start... Well, things I bring from work to the mission. Haha.  (* yep, the things she learned working security in the MTC sure have come in handy in the mission field, huh?)

Wednesday, we had zone training. My companion and I taught about consecration. It ended up being really good. I really felt the Spirit. Hopefully the other missionaries did too. We also heard from the sister leaders about praying with faith. It was really good too!

That afternoon, we taught Marilu about the book of Mormon. Most people can understand us, but she just really struggles with our accents for some reason. And we didn't have Ester with us. So we explained about 50 times that the Book of Mormon isn't the Bible. And finally, Hermana McCally (go companion!), puts her scriptures on the floor, and the water bottle in between to represent the sea. And used her hymnario, as a ship to explain Lehi coming to the Americas. She finally got it. She told us at the end of the lesson, that was the first time she felt good with us over. We explained that that's the Spirit.

At lunch, a funeral procession walked by. With a marching band. Typical Otuzco.

Okay, so we were knocking at Presidente Roger's door, and Wasabi, their puppy comes out. His granddaughter, who's like three, said, No! No lo toque! Comi'o mi caca! Or in other words, don't touch him! He ate my poop. I was cracking up so hard at that one. I love kids.

During companionship inventory, my companion told me I'm a spiritual giant (lies!) and that she sees me as future young women's president. Meaning, general young women's president. Hahahahaha. Yeah, no.

We found this cute old couple the next day. The wife has Parkinson's. They're both super cool though. My companion was sharing a scripture, and he asks, where is it? She says, oh another book called the Book of Mormon. So he goes to his table (not even his bookshelf or anything), and grabs his copy of the Book of Mormon. Well, they've been taught before. That's neat.

Norma told us later that night that she needs to put the Lord first, and is going to try to get work off for church. That's a start for día de reposo. Well, she didn't come this week, but last night we talked about enduring to the end, and how sometimes, we have big obstacles. I always picture it like a really hard long hike. And sometimes you have to climb up a dirt wall. And it's okay if you have to figure it out before tackling it, but never turn back. So we're praying for her. But she's started reading her scriptures and praying regularly again. Yay! We started a competition with her to help her out. Well, she's beating us! Oh to have time to read more. She wasn't reading at all before! Also we all have this cute scripture map to color as we read. I love it.

So Otuzco. I should probably describe it a bit more. We have two crazy guys in the street (harmless). They always say hi to us. One always asks if we have English Bibles. It's weird. But it makes me laugh. This town is ridiculously safe for today's time. I actually feel a little back in time. The little boys in the street play marbles,and the girls play hopscotch. We have a couple little girls who always say Estaaaados Unidos, super enchanted sounding. It cracks me up. I always say, Perú! In response. Walking down  the streets, the people going to and from their charcas always say, buenos días gringas. So I've started saying Buenos días peruano. It's fun. People here are so blunt. I love it. It's kinda addicting though.. Sorry if I accidentally offend anyone when I go home. Barely anybody here has much of an education. So us teaching isn't a natural environment for them. Sometimes it's hard to keep them focused. Also, we always walk by people sorting out their wheat or peeling papas. :)
I followed a prompting to knock a door the other day. Well the mom is 18 with a 1.5 year old. And we asked her where her husband was and she replied. Drunk. Oh great. We've got some work with them. She's really sweet though!

Then we went to go visit Luz, who's AWESOME. We knock her door and call her. Nothing.Walking down the street for five minutes, she calls us and we rush back. So funny. So we explain the restoration. And she summarizes quite nicely, "So what you're saying is that only one church can have the authority, and you believe it's your church?" (Side note- people here say God is uno solo. Meaning, they think whatever church points to God is good, and you'll get into heaven.) So I say YES. She actually understood that there can only be one true church! Well, she understood that's what we were saying. I love her. She's going to read her pamphlet and pray too. So she should start progressing soon.

So that's mas o menos my week. Not much funny stuff going on. The new district leader is a lot calmer as is my companion. So life's calmer.

Love you all. Have a great week!
Hermana Brogan

* sorry no pictures in a while. She says she hasn't found any where to send them from in Otuzco. 
* also, next week she will be writing on Tuesday for those who look for her blog on Mondays. She gets to attend the Trujillo temple on Monday. 

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